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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Venice Weather

We've had our share of strange weather this year - unusually low tides, freezing canals, aftershocks from all the earthquakes in the vicinity (including another one on Sunday morning), but I think today we've hit a high point. Around noon today a tornado touched down on Sant'Erasmo and Certosa islands, just off of Venice. 

  (Photo courtesy Venessia today) Damage to house on Sant Erasmo

(Photo courtesy Venessia.com)  A view of the twister from St. Mark's square around noon today. I can only imagine what it must have been like to see this firsthand. I was over near Campo Santa Maria Formosa at the time with no view over the water.  I consider myself lucky, I might have been a bit panic ridden had I witnessed this!
Another view of today's tornado (photo courtesy Net1News)

The weather has been freaky to say the least!  Recently we've felt so many earthquake aftershocks we've become a bit too nonchalant at our house. Sunday morning when I went running to find Mike when the chandelier in the living room was rocking back and forth, he commented that it was not another shock, but rather the upstairs neighbors exercising. On Monday, talking with friends in Mestre I discovered it was in fact an aftershock that they also felt at their apartments. Next time, I'm sticking to my guns!


sstallings said...

Wow!...Amazing pictures!...Strange seeing such weather rarely associated with Venice..or Italy, for that matter!

Dianne said...

Wow, it is hard to deny climate change when we start seeing weird stuff like this. Keep safe!

Rob C said...


What sort of exercise were they doing? :-)

Glad to here everyone is OK.

Rob & Nat

Louisa said...

Settle down now ye weather Gods - I am expecting calm, settled sunshine when I come out next month!

somebody mentioned the tornado + I looked online and then to your blog, complete with report and pictures, trusty Karen - you are a star!

L xx

Michelle said...

It made the nightly news here in Seattle.
A friend had already sent me a link to videos that were posted on you tube.
Yes, I think if I had seen it first hand I would have been in a panic too.

Anonymous said...

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