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Friday, June 8, 2012

New sculpture on Murano

The other day I had a chance to wander over on Murano with friends for a few hours.  The magic the Murano glassblowers create never ceases to amaze me, and this day was no different.  As I turned a corner on the street leading to the Faro vaporetto stop, I came face to face with the newest sculpture in the square.

I loved it instantly. I wasn't particularly keen on the sculpture it replaced- a large glass bride done in all whites and silvers. But this one- it's perfect. Sheer magic. It instantly reminded me of the intensely hot glowing fires I see in the kilns used in all the glass foundrys.

Now I need to figure out when to get back to Murano at night, to see this one lit up.


Lynda said...

That is nice. Wish I could have seen the bride one. That's sounds interesting.

Dianne said...

I bet it is GORGEOUS all lit up at night. Hopefully your new camera will allow you to take a night photo of it. When I was on Murano in September last year I saw a beautiful blue sculpture called Natalie di Luce in una comet di vetro. Do they leave these sculptures around for a while or do they change often?

Speaking of your new camera, I got one too and am practicing with it. Learning a lot.


Marco@travelmurano.com said...

Many thanks for the hint - I was not aware of it. I like the way the sculpture looks like and will visit it at the next occasion.