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Thursday, June 21, 2012

First festa of the season- Festa di Sant'Antonio

Last week it was the Festa di Sant'Antonio at Campo San Francesco della Vigna over in Castello, the first festa of the 2012 season. I love local festivals here in Italy. They remind me of Fireman's Carnivals back in the US, but on a smaller scale. In Venice, the local churches and associations sponsor a celebration (festa) in the neighborhood campo. During the festa, the locals all pitch in to cook food and sell drinks to raise money for the church. 

It was a beautiful evening last Friday when Mike and I walked over to Castello to catch the last night of the Sant'Antonio festival.  Everyone in Castello must have had the same idea, because the line at the Cassa (where you pay for your food) was huge, and moving VERY slowly. After a long long wait, it was our turn. We made our choices, paid the woman behind the counter, and were handed several colorful pieces of paper coupons. 

Next we had to queue up in the even longer food line, to wait our turn to order our food at the food tent. I love watching the action inside the food tents at these events. Old men are manning the grills and deep fryers, women are making pasta, and the younger people are running back and forth from the counter to the back area filling orders.  Mike ran to the beer tent to grab us something cold to drink while we waited, and waited, and waited. 

For the rest of the people around us, waiting in the food line was half the party. They all seemed to know each other. Conversations were buzzing in all directions around me.  As I stand in line, I wonder if someday I will be part of the conversations too. Someday!

 This guy was running all over the place- back at the grills, out at the tables. He was everywhere at once, and busy laughing and visiting with everyone as he passed by.

 Busy at the beer/wine tent!

 The crowd at San Francesco della Vigna, and the bandstand. Different musical groups were on the lineup each night. 

 Even the local dogs get to enjoy Festa di Sant'Antonio

 San Francesco della Vigna

No Ska-J performances this week, unfortunately. I'm always on the lookout though. Hopefully they will be back at the San Giacomo dell'Orio festival later in the summer.

Next festa on the calendar-  Giovanni Bragora also in Castello June 20-24.  No Ska J on their lineup either :(


Michelle said...

Maybe we could get a Ska J performance for my birthday in December?? That would be simply grand!

Anonymous said...

I sat in that campo enjoying a concert that was happening inside the church! I love recognizing things in your photos!