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Friday, June 29, 2012

Dear O's and Raven's - I still love you, but I'm watching soccer now

Soccer is a big thing over here. There is just no way I can get around it, but I admit, I have tried. I have tried (a few times) to watch and understand the game, but the thrill has alluded me. I've tried to avoid it, but there is  no way that is  possible. People in my neighborhood watch soccer matches (calcio) outside in Campo Santa Margherita. Everyone is outside screaming and yelling during all the matches, and when this happens, I have actually started to feel a little left out of things. The solution was to try a little bit harder.

The whole world is watching the Euro2012 matches, and so I joined in. I made sure I was aware of which teams were playing who, and kept track of how Italy was doing.  Last night, being the semifinals between Germany and Italy, I even watched the entire match.

I surprised myself- I learned a little about the game. By mid game, I was wishing I had painted my face green, white and red! Already by half-time (hmm, is that what it's called?) Italy had scored 2 goals both by Mario Balotelli.  If Mario Balotelli was not already a household word all over Italy before last night, it certainly is this morning. Even I now know who he is! I would not be surprised if this guy is short listed for sainthood this week.

Italy held off Germany for the entire match, right up until the last 4 minutes of - what was that, overtime? We didn't understand how extra time was added on, and it seemed unfortunate, since the score was 0-2 Italy by the end of regular time.  Germany squeaked in a goal, ending the game at 1-2.

Italy's Mario Balotelli - photo by ANSA

Italy will face off against Spain in the finals on Sunday. I WILL be watching. 


Anonymous said...

The game is broadcast over here, where we live upside down, but it starts at 4am, local time. I may wait to hear the result on the news, BUT what if Italy wins? Then, it'll have been a shame not to see it.

Good on ya, new soccer fan.

Denny said...

I know exactly what you mean - when we were in the tiny town of Casperia during one of our holidays we couldn't understand why the local cafe was totally booked out and where all the men came from. They kindly squeezed us in for a meal and just as the sun went down we realised the Milan v Germany soccer game was being transmitted onto the ancient brick wall next to us. What a night! Thank goodness Italy won. Its an event we will never forget and all the wonderful Italian men we shared the evening with!

Dianne said...

Europe does take its soccer seriously (I guess like some people here react to our US sports). A couple of years ago we were in Paris when they played Italy in the World Cup. That was when Zitane from France head butted one of the Italian players (who was probably trash talking to him) and France had to give Italy a penalty kick and thus Italy won. While we were pulling for France (after having lived there for many years), it was lucky that they lost as the apartment we were renting was in a noisy neighborhood and we would have never gotten any sleep that night -- we were leaving early the next morning to return to the States.

Unknown said...

Love your blog!
Just stumbled upon it while planning a trip to Europe...and goodness gracious, I must say I've been able to live vicariously through many of your posts!

My mother and I are staying in the Castello district, and I was wondering if you could refer me to any blog posts that you've made (or any links) about places to explore/eat/windowshop in the this neighborhood after spending the day in the major tourist areas.

Sorry to clog your blog with newbie questions, but I was so impressed by your entries--as someone who's "living the dream" and enjoying Venice food and flair with gusto :D


-Cat, from California