We've moved from Baltimore, Maryland USA to Venice, Italy in pursuit of living our dream!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Ferragosto !!!!

Today, August 15, is officially Ferragosto.  This Italian holiday started centuries ago by Emperor Augustus when he declared the whole month, named after himself,  as a holiday filled with all sorts of merriment to celebrate the summer harvest.  Later, August 15 became a religious holiday celebrating the assumption of Mary into heaven.

Italians celebate Ferrogosto in a big way- they close shops and restaurants the end of July and head off to the beaches and the mountains for the month. Great way to escape the heat!

As an American living in Italy, I've had some difficulty wrapping my head around how the whole country can take the whole month off when it is the height of tourist season. Isn't there money to be made??  Who cares, it's vacation time.

This week, I imposed my own Ferragosto and took off for the Lido each day. Surprised even myself- I seem to be a little more Italian this summer! Finally, I get it.

Here's a view from my chaise lounge at B.each on the Lido.  In a few minutes, my beach bag and I will be headed to Piazzale Roma to catch the #6 boat to Lido.  Upon arriving, I'll make the walk down S.M. Elisabetta, past all the shops selling beach necessities along with all the other beach goers and take up my spot on the sand for the day.

Happy Ferrogosto, tutti!