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Monday, December 1, 2014

Countdown to Christmas (Natale) - Italian Style! December 1

                                                          photo courtesy www.theidearoom.net

As soon as the end of November rolls around, I find myself out shopping for Advent calendars. I've been a sucker for the kind with the little doors you open up, the ones with piece of  chocolate behind each door. There was never a year my two girls didn't receive one of those on December 1. I love starting the holiday season in this way!

This year, I've decided to create my own Advent calendar here on the blog. Each day leading up to Christmas I will post something I enjoy about Christmas in Italy. It will be a bit like opening one of those doors with me each day. 

Behind door Number One (Uno)  - Panettone


When I spot Panettone in the grocery stores and bakeries around town, I know it's the beginning of the holiday season.  Panettone, served all over Italy, is a traditional Christmas sweet treat. It's a cross between a bread and a cake, and is sold with just raisins in it, or with raisins and candied fruits.  My favorite is with the candied fruits, but I'm not fussy, I'll take it either way.  I particularly like using Panettone for making french toast. Yummm! Delicious.

Nowadays, you can find Panettone sold in the United States too.  If you have never tasted Panettone, I recommend you purchase one this holiday season, and enjoy yours along with me!

And if you really feel like getting in touch with your Italian mama side, here's a link to Chef Mario Batali's panettone recipe

Buon Natale!


Andrew H said...

Looking forward to opening my Advent calendar with you each day xx

karen said...

Thanks, Andrew! Will you be in Venice over the holidays? Hugs to the lovely Cheryl for me, too!

Kaye said...

Thanks for doing this unique Advents calendar! I LOVE Venice and will be there for 5 weeks next year for work, can't wait!!

karen said...

thanks, Kaye! You MUST let me know when you are here next so we can get together. I 'll look forward to it!!

Anonymous said...

thanks a bunch for posting. i'm learning so much from the expat blogging community.

karen said...

IrishItinerary- Thanks so much for reading along with me! It's my pleasure to share with you. if you have questions, please ask!
Ciao, Karen

Dianne said...

I've had panettone before and it really is good. I think many cultures have something similar. My Polish grandmother had a cake/bread like creation called Co-whats (I don't know how it's really spelled) which had the same panettone base with ricotta cheese on top and a top crust of black seeds (forgot what they are called). My Irish mother-in-law made soda bread which had a similar texture with raises in it and of course there is French brioche -- all delightful foods. But the pentanes are special.