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Sunday, November 9, 2014

Wet, wet days in Venice

If you have been following Venice news this past week, you already know we've had our share of Acqua Alta (high water).  We had our first high water of the season, followed by the second, third, fourth, fifth, all in rapid succession. None of these were exceptionally high days, but high enough to throw a monkey wrench into your life for an hour or so each day.  And high enough for you to keep your boots handy by the door.

Because I've been talking so much about boots lately, and wearing mine so much, I thought a photo of them would be appropriate today.

If you need boots while in Venice, you should find Nadia's, at 2762B Dorsoduro, located just under the archway that leads from Campo San Barnaba to the Accademia Bridge. She sells an unbelievable assortment of boots (at very reasonable prices) as well as beautiful shoes, gloves, hats and bags. Mine came from Nadia's too.

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Dianne said...

Hope that the wet days are behind you but since I haven't read the most recent posts, I guess I will find out. I visited her shop when I was last in Venice just to check it out. I had already purchased boots that I brought with me since I wanted to be prepared. Mine are purple!