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Monday, December 15, 2014

Countdown to Christmas- Italian Style ! December 15

Picture of Makedo advent calendar
photo courtesy www.theinstructables.com

Welcome back for Countdown to Christmas Day 15 (quindici) !

Behind door number 15 is something familiar to all families in Italy, no matter which part of the country they are from.  The presepe, or Nativity scene, is a very important part of the Christmas traditions. Families set their presepe up beginning on December 8.  Most are very elaborate, including moving parts, multiple buildings, people, animals and all sorts of interesting accessories, some even including a sun and moon that rise and set mechanically.

The presepe was introduced by Francis of Assisi, who used a living Nativity scene in a cave in the 13th century. The tradition spread throughout Italy, but has been made most famous by the city of Naples wh.ich has hundreds of presepe displayed during the holidays

This Nativity scene, located in a small church in Savona, Italy, includes not only the three wisemen, but also fishermen and their boats. Savona is a seaport, it only makes sense that a presepe here would include something important to the local people.

This photo shows the fishermen bringing their gifts to the Christ child in the manger also. 

Buon Natale!


Kaye said...

This is so beautiful! Thanks for sharing this Karen

Anonymous said...

The hard work and love shown in the presepi in Italy, is something we just don't see in most western countries.

If you have time, do go and see what has been done in your favourite church this year.

Anne Vance said...

The presepe at Chiesa San Trovaso is one of my favourite things about Christmas in Venice. It's left up for all of January & is just a delight. Thanks for reminding me Karen!

Denise Young said...

Okay, it is official! I am putting Christmas in Italy on my wish list!

Anne Vance said...
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Dianne said...

I have enjoyed the precepe in Italy in years passed but the ones in your photos (some of which I assume were taken in Venice) are really special. Makes me think I will have to go there now at Christmas time someday.