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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

New Vaporetto line- the Boat of Art!

Today in the news I read an article announcing a new Vaporetto line beginning April 25, 2012. This new line, the "Boat of Art" will leave from the Train station and end at San Giorgio Maggiore, with 8 stops in between, and will run every 30 minutes.  It will work like the Hop-On, Hop-Off buses you see in lots of big cities, and will require a special ticket. Purchasers of this special ticket, which will be available on line as well as at ACTV ticket office,  will also receive a welcome kit including a city map and other information about cultural institutions who are partners in the project.

Alright, now we have yet another initiative to aid tourists. I'm wondering how different this is will be from purchasing a 12 hour vaporetto ticket. Isn't that just like Hop-on, Hop-off? You can get on and off anywhere you like, anytime you like within the 12 hour time period.  I am going to hope that the advantage to using this special boat/ticket will divert the crowds of tourists from the regular vaporettos. That would be a huge advantage.  You may see me personally directing people to the ACTV ticket office.  Ok, people, step right up, buy your Boat of Art ticket today!!


Anonymous said...

Glad you back, been missing reading your posts.

karen said...


Michelle said...

I can see you meeting the people mover from the cruise ships and directing the passengers to the correct vaporetto!
The city should pay you for that.

Marisa said...

This is my first comment to your blog or any blog out there.
I've been reading Your blogfor about 6 months and I love it! I myself have a dream of living in Venice some day. I have visited Venezia about 20 times and each time I go I find it more and more beautiful. My husband was born and raised in Padova so I have been fortunate to spend a lot of time in the area. When I read your blogs, I feel that I am there. My latest trip to Venezia was just this past September. All the times I had been to Venezia, I had never stayed over night. Because Padova is not far away, I'd always stay at my in-laws' house and drive in for the day. This past trip I stayed at Hotel Casanova right near Piazza San Marco. It was wonderful! We were only there for a weekend but it was terrific! It is wonderful to read your blogs and know that I'm not the only one out there that loves this magical city. During my trip I followed the walking tours from a book I had bought on a previous trip to Italy. It was written by a Venetian and based on old stories and historical events. On these walking tours, we would read the stories and look at objects around Venice. I don't have the book with me right now but will write back another day. I walked through parts of Venezia that had never gone before. It was wonderful to discover new secrets of Venezia along the way. We also found a new restaurant called Fantasia and made friends with the owner Giavanni and his wife who is a fantastic cook. My husband and I are trying to send him lobsters from New England, USA but we are finding it difficult. I told Giovanni of my spaghetti with lobster dish I make. He wants to replicate it! Well, I must go right now but will write you again. Please keep your posts coming. I enjoy reading them very much!
A presto

Marche Traveler said...

Thanks for blogging your experiences. My wife qualifies for Italian citizenship through ancestry and I am researching how to proceed. One question is the matter of taxes. There is a treaty between the U.S. and Italy that prevents duplication of taxes. As a dual citizen, have you encountered any tax difficulties, especially with regard to income derived in the U.S.? Social Security income would be one example.

karen said...

Grazie, Marisa! Reading your post was such a joy! I'm so honored that you are reading and sharing my little adventures, and that you have chosen to post a comment. I hope you will continue to comment!

How lucky are you to be here so often! Yes, I agree, Venice is absolutely magical. We will be celebrating 4 full years here in a few weeks- where has that time flown to???- and still, every day Mike and I find ourselves saying this place is near paradise!

Next time you are here, we must make plans to meet fact to face!
Buon Natale!

karen said...

Ciao, Marche Traveler!
I highly encourage your wife to pursue her dual citizenship. It's not automatically granted, there are very stringent rules, but it is so worth the effort to try. Hopefully reading about my experiences and going through the process (see my January-November 2008 blogs, especially April) where I describe what I had to go through!

I cannot advise you on your tax situation, as every one is different. It is true, as a dual citizen you do not need to pay in both countries. Other than that, you would need to contact a tax expert to give you specific information regarding your situation.

Buon Natale!

Anonymous said...

Buon Giorno! I heartily endorse your idea! (I emailed you in March 2014 to express my joy in your blog) My 2 day visit in April, 2013, was plagued by the cruise ship hordes. Knowing I had only two days, I just left my hotel each morning and wandered aimlessly, hopping on and ff the vaporetto (I bought a 72 hour pass) as it took my fancy. When I saw a mob in the distance, I'd duck down a narrow laneway to avoid it.
Grazie Mille,