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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Spanish ship Elcano on the Zattere

My friend Yvonne in Australia sent me an email the other day asking if I had seen this ship on the Zattere yet. I try to stay up on what's going on in and around Venice all the time, but somehow this one had slipped by me. I've been so wrapped up in my physical therapy routine every day that I haven't had much time to poke my head up.  Fortunately, the weekends are rest days for me, with no therapy, except that I must get out and walk. Sunday was a gorgeous sunny day here with temps in the low 50's. That made it the perfect day for a leisurely walk, and there is no better place than the Zattere. 

Mike and I walked from our neighborhood towards the Zattere, and as soon as we made the turn by the San Basilio vaporetto stop, we caught sight of the ship Yvonne had mentioned.  The Elcano,  a spanish tall ship used for training sailors, was docked in all it's glory.  The boat was open to the public for tours all day long. 

We stopped to admire the boat and take some photos, then wandered farther down the Zattere to Nico's, a favorite of locals and tourists alike for it's ice cream. We found an open table on the sidewalk, so stopped for a cup of tea for me and some time to enjoy the afternoon sun.  Every other person leaving Nico's had a take-away ice cream concoction in their hand, making me wistful for one of my own, but I resisted temptation. I'm sure there will be other sunny days when I will give in!  


Rob C said...

Wow, That's the way to sail the seven seas (unless you get seasick)

My 17yo son has just told me he's been selected to crew on a tall ship for a fortnight in October,yeah!

How's the physio going?

I've missed your posts.

karen said...

Rob, thanks! Wow, congrats to your son, what a great experience that will be for him. Tell him he must keep a blog the whole month!

Therapy is going well,- it's like a full time job, though!! Things are slow going. I have good and bad days, they tell me this is very normal for several months. Every time I have a good day, I am optimistic about the future. Then I have a very painful few days and feel like I've lost ground. Just takes patience! - K

Yvonne said...

Oh, how I wish that darned Spanish ship had been a month later. They have no consideration, do they! I'm so glad you got to look her over.

For you and your knee, I wish it was this time next year, Karen. It's great having you back in the world of blog-dom.

Rob, when I was considerably older than your son, and I do mean CONSIDERABLY, I was part of the so-called volunteer crew on a tall ship, for 11 days. It had to be the best and worst experience of my life! What ship will your son be on??

Mary Ann said...

I absolutely adore your blog and am so envious of your living in Venice. The only thing I don't like is having to wait for your new posts. I am so glad you are doing so well after your surgery. What an experience, right!!!

karen said...

Grazie, Yvonne! I wish it were a year later already also!!!!
Counting days until you are back with us!

karen said...

Mary Ann- Thank you so much! I'm trying to do better about blogging more regularly now that I am feeling much better. I promise to have more on Carnevale events as we get ready for them.

Rob C said...


I've no idea, this 'nugget' of info was passed as he left to go back to his Mum's!

He's here at the weekend so will find out.

Did you find an apartment?


Heather said...

I really enjoy reading about your experiences in Venice. I fell in love with the city 3 years ago on a family vacation. My mom's side of the family is Italian (Southern), but we don't know if any of our relatives are still in Italy, so it's fun to read about somebody meeting up with their family and learning about their history.

In Venice we ran across Fondamenta Lombardo, which was exciting because Lombardo is my mom's maiden name. It was raining and we took the worst photo of the black and white "street" name painted high up on the building. As we ran off I noticed a much prettier plaque on the other side of the canal but wasn't able to take a photo. I hope to return some day and find that little canal. And I hope you get to keep exploring your lineage. It's thrilling to stumble on something, but it must be even better to make real connections.

Jan Pag said...

Last week from my hotel room I saw this being escorted through the basin by tug boats. I could tell it was not somebody's yacht or a cruise ship and thought that I would never find out about it - but now I know! Thank you!

karen said...

Jan- hope you had a great visit here! Did you catch a day or two of that fabulous fog??