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Sunday, February 20, 2011

PRIX comes to Dorsoduro

Thursday afternoon on my walk home from FateBeneFratelli, I wasn't too far from our apartment when I noticed a girl standing on Tre Ponti wearing one of those big tent placards on the front and back of her.  She was advertising the opening of a new Prix grocery store opening up in Dorsoduro!!  Wow, what a great surprise!   And the opening date was the very same day.  I made a mental note of the address, and continued on my way.

As soon as I got in the apartment, I went to my computer and checked the address of this grocery store. 2448 Dorsoduro is just one bridge away from us! I remembered being in a Prix on Giudecca awhile ago, and recalled that is was a sort of discount store.  This is very good news for us.

The local grocery store in Campo Santa Margherita, the Punto, has been closed for about 5months now for renovations, and it will be several more months before it reopens.  Our other choices are the Billa on the Zattere, or the Coop at Piazzale Roma. Both are a bit of a hike hauling a grocery cart.  Mike particularly dislikes going to the Coop because not only is the Coop always crowded,  Piazzale Roma is also always crowded with people. It's a pain in the neck trying to navigate with bags through there.

Like everything else in Venice, food is expensive. The only alternative is to take the bus out to Marghera to shop at Panorama, the Italian version of Sam's club or Wal-Mart. It is cheaper. But then you have to deal with the bus and all your parcels getting home.  Not easy.

The new Prix being around the corner might just be a blessing in disguise. It's funny, we had no idea they were opening here, even though we walk by here just about every day. Mike and I walked over Thursday afternoon to check it out. There is no store sign outside yet even, but we knew to look for # 2448. The place is tiny, just two check out counters, and the space between the 3 aisles is very compact. But it does have just about everything you might need, even some fresh meat and vegetables. Not a huge selection, but enough for you to get what was necessary. We prefer to get our meat from the local butcher, and our vegetables from the stalls in Campos Santa Margherita, but just the same, it's good to know this is here.  Prix seems to specialize in weekly deals, alot of 2 for 1 or 3 for 2 types of promotions. For things like toilet paper and cleaning supplies, this is just perfect. All the prices are lower, so this will really help us stick to a food budget for a change. I can imagine every pensioner (retired person) living on this side of Venice will be at Prix along with Mike and I!

For us, Prix is a great location, nice low prices, and they have terrific hours- every day of the week from 8:30 am to 8 pm, with no hours off in the middle of the day for siesta.  We're loving this.

Welcome to the neighborhood, Prix!


LindyLouMac said...

I have never heard of Prix, none as far as I know around here. Imagine it will be useful for the non fresh items one needs.

karen said...

Our thoughts exactly, LindyLouMac. We're excited about saving a little bit of money!

BaileyZimmerman said...

Karen what is the name of the grocery store on Rio Tera...just around the bend from Frari? When I'm in Venice that's where I shop when I don't want to schlepp to COOP at Piazzale Roma.
I really missed Punta Campo Margherita...glad to hear that eventually it will return!
Can't wait to check out Prix.

Hope you are feeling well?? Knee?

Linda Z

Yvonne said...

But, most important ... do they sell wine? :-)

karen said...

BaileyZimmerman- The store by the Frari is a small Billa.
All is well here, the knee is progressing slowly, but I am told that is normal! Still going to physical therapy every day till the end of this month.

karen said...

Yvonne- yes, they sell wine! Prix is just around the corner from your apartment too!

Rob C said...


Is the Prix on Guidecca the one on the front right down by Zitelle? or an I getting confused with the little one round the back of Palanca?

karen said...

Rob, that is correct, that's the Prix,just down from Zitelle.

Rob C said...


When we popped in there at Christmas we got to share the store with a flock of birds that were sitting on top of the shelves and flying around like mad everytime the door opened :-)

Anonymous said...

I always enjoy your blog entries. You write very fluently, making your life sound utterly fascinating. Who knows how many people live vicariously through you?
I would like to recommend the Coop on the Giudecca. When I lived in Venice (until 2009) I found the prices to be very reasonable: far cheaper than in the Washington DC area. Many people shopped there from the other side of the Giudecca Canal. The vap always plies between Zattere and Palanca no matter what (schiopero, fog).
Keep up your great story.
Ciao, Jane

Michelle said...

It's lovely that little things, like a nearby grocery store, can just make our day!

karen said...

Jane- Thanks for the lovely feedback. I write for myself, so that years from now I can look back on my days and remember what the heck I did!!!

How long did you live in Venice? Where are you now?
Thanks for the recommendation for the Coop on Giudecca, I may have to try that. As for now, we are delighted with the Prix.
By the way, just last week in heavy fog they suspended vaporetto service to Giudecca!
Ciao from Venice,

Rob C said...

I'd agree with Jane, it's a neat little Coop with everything you need day to day, and it's just 2 minutes from the Vaporetto stop.


Rob C said...

I must agree with Jane, it's a great little Coop, it has everything you need day to day and it's onlt 2 minutes limping from the Vaporetto stop.


Holly Pasiuk said...

Hi! I am living in Dorsoduro right now & shop at Punta. But I woul like to get my meat from a butcher. Any shops in San Barnaba or Santa Margherita? Holly