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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Changes in Campo Santa Margherita

This is Campo Santa Margherita, the largest campo in Venice. It's far from the maddening crowds at the Rialto and San Marco. It's where you will find real Venetians going about their daily lives.  It's one of the few places you will find fish vendors and vegetable stalls, and it is also the one place in Venice where caffe's and bars are open past 11 pm.  Well, it WAS the one place. All that is about to change.

Recently some new regulation was passed, probably at the request of residents of the campo, that prohibits loud noise and the sale of alcohol after 11pm. Each infraction will carry a 500 Euro fine. This is going to impact a few of the businesses in the campo that stay open till around 1:30 am. I'm eager to have a chat with our local caffe friends who will most likely suffer a bit of business because of this.

While I understand the neighbors perspective about noise, I am not in favor of forcing these businesses to shorten their hours and stop selling drinks.  It just seems excessive, and I think it will change the whole feel of Campo Santa Margherita. Thumbs down from me on this one.


BaileyZimmerman said...

Boy...it'll be difficult to have any nightlife in Venezia.
I remember the stink that Taverna del Campiello Remer had. Dozens and dozens of citations...not sure how all that bruhaha turned out!

Rob C said...

Sheesh, so the only bit of nightlife has just been killed off, I can't see this going down to well with the younger Venetians though.

Oh well, there's always the Casino ;-)

Yvonne said...

There goes the neighbourhood!

Andrew said...

We always go for a late night digestif at Maragaret Duchamp after dinner - and we're oldies! Shame if it has to close early. BTW we had many fritelle this week and went to Tonolo as you suggested. Thanks. Back home to bread and water now .

karen said...

Andrew- Glad you had a good time and found a few of my favorite places!

Dianne said...

Yes, I enjoyed the animation of C. SM when I was there in May 2009 (and revisited the area this past October while staying close to Rialto since I couldn't get into the same apartment). I hope that the businesses in the area try to fight these new regulations -- although I don't know how that kind of thing will work in Venice. Say hi to my favorite Italian city for me! Ciao!