We've moved from Baltimore, Maryland USA to Venice, Italy in pursuit of living our dream!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

January is ANNIVERSARY MONTH--3 Years!!!

We can hardly believe that three years ago today, Mike and his dog Leopold arrived to set up our household here in Venice.  I arrived 10 days later on the 26th, with Sam. Three years!!!  Where did all that time go so quickly??? 

If you had asked me back then what my expectations were, I think my answer might have been something like " I hope everything works out and we get to stay here."   We had all those legal issues ahead of us, and had no real clue what might happen.  We were just hopeful.  And we had no idea if we would be happy here six months, or 1 year down the line.  The days slipped away so quickly, and now I can't even imagine NOT being here.  It's official- we are very happy here.

Today I've been wondering to myself, "How could I not wake up in the morning to the smell of baking bread from the Majer next door?"  or " How could I live a day with out being able tosee a gorgeous reflection in the canal?"  And..... "Could I ever go back to the rat race we called life back in Baltimore??"   I know the answers... No, No, and No.

Living a simpler life required some tough decisions on our part, and even tougher actions.  Like getting rid of 95% of our belongings. That was major.  Or selling the house we had lovingly restored and enjoyed so much.  That one tugged at our heartstrings.  Leaving our jobs, family and friends were even more difficult, Thankfully many of them have come to visit us here.  We firmly believed we needed to make this move, no matter what.

Three years later, we are still pinching ourselves in a little bit of disbelief, giddy like little children.  We have navigated some tough situations and some frustrating days, but we did it.  We did it!

Happy Anniversary to us!


Italy to Los Angeles and Back said...

Congratulations on your three years here Karen. Something tells me it'll just keep getting better!

Un abbraccio, Marie

Michelle said...

Congratulations on living your dream!

karen said...

Grazie, Marie! How much better could this get??? I'm already in heaven!

Yvonne said...

Happy, happy anniversary, and many more of them, Karen, Tom and the Venetian dogs. :-)

Rob C said...

Bon Anniversaire to all three of you!!

If our special six numbers come up We'll be there on the next flight.


karen said...

Grazie a tutti! We are ever grateful for all your support!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! Venice adopted you because you were brave enough to jump to her arms.
Long life in Venice, and keep telling us your everyday experience to those of us who haven't dared (yet).

Jon, Bilbao