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Tuesday, January 18, 2011


We've been enveloped in fog yesterday and today, more forecasted for tomorrow.  One day last week we had fog as bad as we had today. This time of year fog is common here.  It settles down on the canals and calles, creating an almost eery setting.  It also brings with it a cold and dampness that just chills you to the bone. 

These past two mornings, the fog was so dense that several vaporetto routes were cancelled.  Yesterday, I got up and set out for my normal physical therapy session at FateBeneFratelli.  I walked from the apartment to the Sant'Andrea boat stop, only to find it was barricaded closed, with a sign indicating that the boats would be running from Piazzale Roma this morning, due to fog.  A causa di Nebbia, is what the sign said-- because of fog.   So, I hobbled my way around to Piazzale Roma, only to discover that the #52 was completely cancelled, and the #42 was only making stops at Fondamenta Nove, not at St. Alvise or Madonna Dell'Orto.  If the boat wasn't stopping at Orto, I had no way to get to therapy.  Well, there was a way, I could have hired a water taxi for 50-60 Euros.  Residents pay the same water taxi rates as tourists.  I paid less than that amount for 20 therapy sessions!  I decided to just hobble home.

Today, in order to save me time running around with my cane, Mike volunteered to go to Piazzale Roma to see if the boats were running.  When he got to Sant'Andrea, he called me. Yes, boats were running, the stop was open, and people at the stop verified that the boats were stopping there.  Excellent.  I got myself out of the apartment on time and did the walk to Sant'Andrea.  There, tied to the ticket machine was a big sign- Chiuso a causa di Nebbia.  Closed because of fog.   It also said the #42 and #52 lines were running from Piazzale Roma.  In the twenty minutes between Mike going to check and me getting to the boat dock, the stop had been closed.  I hobbled my way to Piazzale Roma where I was told no #52 boat this morning, but the #42 was running, and was stopping at Madonna dell'Orto on a regular schedule.  Yahoo.  I got on the boat, and made my way to Orto. 

I have no idea how these boat drivers manage on mornings like this.  When I got off the boat at Madonna dell'Orto, I took a couple of photos so I could share them here.  The first photo is a view looking off to where you SHOULD be able to see Murano and San Michelle.  If you didn't know where they should be, you would never even know they existed! 

The next shot is looking towards Fondamenta Nove.  Can't see a thing, except the back of the vaporetto I had just gotten off.

This third shot is looking to the left from the Orto boat dock, in the direction of St. Alvise.


Yvonne said...

That is serious fog, Karen. You're surely getting your daily walking workout, and then some.

Do you know the Monty Python Show? If you do, then you'll know I'm going around humming "Fog, fog, fog, fog,lovely fog, wonderful fog", to the tune of "Spam, Spam, Spam, Spam." If you don't know it, chalk me up as a weird person!

LindyLouMac said...

Ciao all the best for 2011.
I am back at last catching up on all the posts I missed while I was away from computing while on an extended trip to the UK. Well you have certainly had quite a time of it since I was last here! It is good to read that you are making a good recovery from your knee replacement surgery, despite the fog hindering your rehab appointments! Also congratulations on your 3rd Anniversary. Take Care.

karen said...

LindyLouMac- Welcome back, and I am so sorry. You had a little earful in your inbox!!! Thanks again for keeping up with my little adventures :)

Rob C said...


Very jealous here, I love Venice when it wraps itself in it's shroud!

The Vaporetto's all have radar and all licensed boats & all those wooden pilings have radar reflectors on them so they can navigate.

We were told by our B&B owner that her cousin is a vaporetto 'captain' and loves navigating via radar as it's just like a video game!!

karen said...

Rob, I also love the fog. However, this month while I must make my way to rehab therapy every morning by boat, I need those boats running!!! On the days when the fog shuts down the 52 and 42 lines, that's a problem!

Tell your B&B owner I'd love to meet her vaporetto captain cousin. I'm in awe at how they navigate, and love the parking jobs when they pull up at docks.

While I love my view out onto my canal, I was envious of your vista out over the lagoon from your apartment. WOW!

Michelle said...

Ciao Karen,
Thanks for the fog picks. Since I know where those places are supposed to be...I can tell how dense the fog was.
I, too, love fog...but not when I'm driving or flying anywhere. And I understand about needing the boats to get to your appointments.
Oh, I'm following our agreement! I may be skipping beside you in 2012.

BaileyZimmerman said...

Karen what an ordeal....but you finally made it to rehab!!

OMG I love Venetian fog....Venetian rain.....Venetian snow....I think I'm just madly in love with VENICE!!

Rob interesting info re: vaporetti and radar...thanks.

Jon (Bilbao) said...

But fog can make certain Italian areas really beautiful. It's a privilige to have it for a day or night on a Venice visit. See:


karen said...

Jon- thanks for sharing that link, those are some great views of Venice!