We've moved from Baltimore, Maryland USA to Venice, Italy in pursuit of living our dream!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Family and Food

My Italian family dinner was an event I will remember for a long time to come- all 12 courses of it!  Here's what we ate, in the order it was brought out, all served family style on large platters:

1) Mozzarella rolled in potatos and herbs, deep fried
2) Fried polenta and herb balls
3) Stuffed pumpkin flowers - filled with a ricotta filling
4) Fried  Jumbo Shrimp
5) Raw Oysters on the half shell
6) Bruschetta
7) Mixed cold fish platter - smoked salmon, fresh salmon, octopus salad, marinated anchovies, mussels and clams
8) Fritto misto- hot fried fish- shrimp, calamari, small fish, anchovies
9) Sauteed baby octopus
10) Mussels and clams in broth with bread
11) Pasta with clams
12) Dolci (Dessert)- assorted chocolate tortes, stawberries in cream, fresh pineapple with amarone sauce

Courses 1-10 were all considered Antipasto.  Prima Piatti ( first course) was the pasta with clams. We had to scream BASTA (Enough!) at that point before they brought out a Secondo Piatti.  We thought we would burst!  Nothing, absolutely nothing, tops eating Italian style!!


Yvonne said...

Holy Macaroni!! What a feast, almost like an Italian wedding.

Anonymous said...

What an amazing celebration....I want to be adopted! So happy to hear it was a special time.


Michelle said...

I second Yvonne's comments.
So glad you obviously enjoyed yourselves.
Let us know how you did with the language.

Jan Pag said...

Amazing! I am so exited - we are off to Venice tomorrow for the week - so my mouth is watering with all the possibilities

karen said...

Jan, have a great time! A week in Venice gives you plenty of time to learn your way around the city! Lucky you!!!! While you are here you must try some local specialties- sardines in saor, seppia nero, bigoli in salsa, spaghetti con vongole (with clams), and baccala.