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Saturday, July 17, 2010

New Vaporetto dock at San Marco opens

In a city that is all old, old, old, it's just plain odd to see something so new. It sticks out like a sore thumb, but, I must admit I understand the need for it. Just opened this week is the new Vaporetto dock at San Marco-Vallaresso, and I thought I'd give you a visual tour of it. It has a design very similar to the new stop that opened up on Burano last season. It's open and airy, with lots of covered space. Much better than the exisiting docks which can get too cramped with people while waiting for the boat, especially in hot weather like we've been having the last few weeks.
Only the #2 and the LN embark and disembark at the new dock. The #1 still uses the older existing Vallaresso stop. It seems the city is encouraging the use of the #2 for tourists, and that is a good idea, as most of them want to move between the train station or Piazzale Roma and St. Mark's anyway.

There is a brand new ticket booth located inside the waiting area. I like the new wooden finish to it, instead of the old white booths. Complimenti to whoever came up with the whole design.

The wide open waiting area has plenty of bench space. I'm liking not being packed in like sardines anymore here!

I also like the new electronic boards which tell you when the next boats are arriving. This is a welcome addition at all the vaporetto stops all over the city this season.

This photo just caught my eye while standing out on the new pier. New pier, old cardboard boat signs!

Here's a view of the loading area, taken while on the vaporetto. Compared to all the rest of the vaporettos stops, this new one is huge.

And one final glimpse, taken as the boat was pulling away headed down the Grand Canal. Despite the fact that I don't particularly like to see new construction here, I will admit this is a much needed addition. The Vallaresso stop was always a crowded madhouse during the tourist season, and this will relieve that situation. That can only be happiness for all of us, tourists and residents alike. I would have only requested that they design it to look like it fit in with the rest of Venice. Where's Walt Disney when you need him??


LindyLouMac said...

It does look strangely out of place in Venice!

Anonymous said...

I think it is quite adequate. Seeing the last shot from the canal, It looks modern but not awkward at all. I think this dock integrates better with the Venize old context than nowadays docks with that yellow painting, that do create an unpleasent contrast.

Thanks for the blog.

Jon, Bilbao, Spain

Yvonne said...

Aha! I had wondered, idly, what it was they were building there. Now, you've told me. It'll surely help to ease the squeeze!

Do you know what the new (big) structure is on Lido, to the right of the vaporetto stop there?

Ciao, Yvonne.

Anonymous said...

I have to admit I kinda like the architecture. I studied in Venice in grad school with Mario di Valmarana (he and his brothers own the Villa Rotunda in Vicenza). I think in a city like Venice new architecture MUST be contemporary in order to respect historic fabric.


ukfuerst said...

I was in Venice in Thurs, August 5 and took the 2 waterbus to this dock at S Marco Vallaresso..because of the thunderstorm, my family and I headed to the nearest restaurant on the dock...it was directly across from the dock, with a small bar and al fresco dining under green umbrellas..would you be able to give me the name of the restaurant? It was my birthday and one of the employees promised to have a cake for me when we returned but when we returned we did not see him..I just wanted to let him know that I did come by and to thank him. Thank you Angela

karen said...

Angela- Directly across from this dock is a small garden, the public WC, and the beginning of a row of souvenir kiosks. The Tourist Information office is also right on this corner. No restaurants until you get up the street past all the kiosks, and that's the beginning of ST. Mark's square. Sorry I can't help identify where you ate that day. Boy, what a storm that was, wasn't it? I was out in it also, completely drenched! Not a great day in Venice, but the days afterward have been fabulous! Hope you had a wonderful time in spite of it, and a happy Birthday!!!