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Saturday, December 3, 2016

Countdown to Christmas, Venice Style - Day 3

Really like this Advent Calendar. Would like it better in burlap.:

Ciao tutti!

I'm so excited about my choice for day #3 of the Venice Countdown to Christmas because there really and truly is some magic behind this door today, just as there is magic when you open the door to Roberto Comin's studio in Cannaregio.  Step inside and  you are in a fantasy world, a world full of whimsy and delight.  Roberto, a master craftsman, designs and creates puppets. 

Every part of the process, from the initial sketches to the final product, is done by Roberto and his family. They've been in business for 80 years, selling marionettes not only in Venice but worldwide.

Roberto invents a personality for each puppet which is reflected in the facial features and costume details. 

 If you visit Roberto's workshop, you'll find him bringing each of his characters to life for you as he demonstrates the mechanics of puppetry and introduces his cast of characters to you.
Yes, there are even Pinocchio's in Roberto's studio. He is, after all, quite a bit like the original Geppetto. 

You can find Roberto Comin's puppets in shops around Venice as well as on his website www.MarionettesinVenice.com. Roberto's studio is located at L'Isola di Pinocchio, Cannaregio 2417. It is possible to arrange visits to his workshop, details on the website. 

Most visitors to Venice see St. Mark's square, Rialto bridge, and the Grand Canal. If you take the time to  look behind closed doors, you will find some real treasures.  I hope my Countdown to Christmas Advent calendar will entice you to go seek out some of those doors. 

Last but not least - here's the link to Day 3 of my 2014 Countdown to Christmas. Chestnuts!  And I just saw some roasting over on Strada Nova in Cannaregio tonight!

Ciao tutti. A domani   (until tomorrow)

today's advent calendar from julegleder.blogspot.com


Polly Harding said...

You are wetting my appetite for a returnvisit. No that two places we haven't been. Xxx

karen said...

Thanks, Polly! And hopefully, the rest of my surprises during this month will just be icing on the cake!