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Monday, December 5, 2016

Countdown to Christmas 2016, Venice Style- Day 5

8 Calendarios de adviento DIY - srta limón:

Ciao tutti!

Welcome back!  First things first, I must thank each and every one of you for reading along as I countdown to Christmas. My blog has experienced record traffic this week over the last 4 days. Wow.  I am overwhelmed and just so grateful. 

I've been thinking what I would put into each of the little boxes of this advent calendar.  I'm pretty certain my choice would be a few delicious truffles in each box, each a day a different flavor. Wouldn't be too hard, I seem to love every kind of truffle I've ever had. Yes, truffles would do very nicely. 

In the previous days, I've introduced you to artisans who practice their crafts to keep Venetian traditions alive.  Today I'm introducing you to someone who is responsible for creating a Venetian landmark.  

Ready for today's reveal?  Drum roll, maestro, if you will.....

Luigi Frizzo at Acqua Alta book store
Meet Luigi Frizzo
We're back in Castello again today, at the  Libreria Acqua Alta. Luigi Frizzo's unusual and world famous haven for book lovers is tucked into an old warehouse in Campiello del Tintor, a few minutes off Campo Santa Maria Formosa. 
front entrance to Acqua Alta book shop

There's no bell for us to ring or "door" to use to gain access to this hidden paradise. Instead you just walk in the entrance, which has racks of  books, cards, maps and assorted postcards spilling out into the campiello.  Once you've made your way inside, you are usually greeted by both Luigi and a cat or two. 

While the shop itself, jammed to the rafters with new and used books, is something to marvel at, it's the owner who makes this place the gem that it is. Luigi opened the shop 15 yrs ago, and continues to add features to the shop each year. Books are stored in a variety of boats and bathtubs, even a gondola, in order to keep them up out of "Acqua Alta", high water.  Books that are unserviceable, such as old encyclopedias and waterlogged reference books, have been "re-used" to make stairs in the courtyard, or to line the walls of the rear entryway of the shop. 

Water door of Acqua Alta book shop

While the water door is not the main entrance to the book shop, it probably is it's most recognizable feature. This doorway appears in countless photos all over the internet. Luigi's shop is listed as one of the 10 most unique bookshops in the world. After having visited the shop you'll understand exactly why it holds that distinction. 

Acqua Alta courtyard stairs

Go ahead, I know you want to. "Follow the books".

interior Acqua alta book shop

side entrance acqua alta bookshop

main room acqua alta bookshop

This shop is all Luigi's creation-  his dream, his child,  his labor of love, his gift to Venice. 

Definitely put the Libreria Acqua Alta on your list of places to discover the next time you are in Venice. But don't just go to see the books. Please, go to meet Luigi. The man is a legend. And yes, the shop does get high water inside it!

Libreria Acqua Alta, Castello 5167 ,Campiello del Tintor. 

And once again, the link to Countdown to Christmas 2014- Day 5.  It's Italian Christmas carols!

Today's advent calendar thanks to Bloglovin'

A domani!!


Michelle said...

I knew who it was even before I scrolled down.
He's going to see a bit of me in March as his shop is on my mini walking tour I'm creating for various friends.

Wouldn't you think that with Carnevale ending on Feb 28 someone could save one lowly fritello (or is the singular fritella?) for me on March 1. Sigh!

karen said...

Will be sure to save an assortment of frittelle for you. Singular is frittello. Have no idea if that spelling is correct with 1 t or 2. You'd think I'd know by now.

Luigi and his cats will be overjoyed to see you back!

Maggi said...

We have visited Luigi on each trip to Venice. He is truly a Venetian icon. The shop is interesting. You never know what you might find. You are right - go to see the shop - engage Luigi - you will be glad you did.

Maggi- Baltimore

karen said...

Thanks Maggi. Like I said, Luigi is legendary!

Carol Mandel said...

After just these few days of your wonderful advent calendar, I KNOW I have to get back to Venice! Great job! Thanks for a memorable Christmas gift!
-Carol Mandel

Carol Mandel said...

I'm just now catching up on your calendar, and what a wonderful Christmas gift to all your followers! Thank you! Makes me want to get back to Venice soon!

-Carol Mandel

karen said...

Thanks so much, Carol! Lovely to hear from you, and we hope we see you back in Venice very soon.