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Sunday, July 3, 2016

Venice from inside the boat

Ciao, tutti!

I've very excited to share some of my latest adventures with you.  

Recently I received a GoPro camera as an early birthday gift from a group of fabulous friends so I could record some of my rowing experiences. 

Last week I strapped the camera to my head, got in the boat and went out for the first live test run. 

I filmed our entire exercise session, from getting into the boat to pulling it up out of the water.  The video clips are unedited.(It was my first attempt at this. Just getting them up into YouTube was a learning curve)  But I thought you might enjoy seeing Venice from my perspective in the dragon boat on last Wednesdays row. 

There are 6 clips- with each of the first 5 lasting 12 minutes and the last 5 minutes. Grab a paddle and come on along with me. Or, if you prefer, grab a glass of prosecco instead, and enjoy a bit of Venice with me. 

                                                                           Part 1

Part 2

Part 3 

                                                                            Part 4

Part 5

                                                                        Part 6

Hope you enjoyed this as much as I've enjoyed sharing it with you.

P.S. If anyone has any GoPro tips or tricks, this novice would love to hear them. 


Rebekah Lyn said...

Thanks for sharing this. It's nice to see Venice from a different perspective.

Michelle said...

Grazie mille for taking me along with you!

karen said...

Rebekah- Thanks for watching. it is a very different view of Venice, isn't it?

karen said...

Michelle, Prego! dovere mio!

It was as much a thrill for me to have you along for the ride with me.If we row in the lagoon on Wed I'll video some more. crossing the Giudecca to row in the south lagoon is completely different from rowing in the canals as we did last week. I can't wait for Regatta Storica in September, Carnevale in Feb and of course Vogalonga in May. I'm happy to look foolish with the camera on my head. What the hell!

I may try some videoing at Redentore coming up on the 16 & 17 too.

Get ready. In the meantime I need to practice with a editing.

Elizabeth Davidson said...

Wow! Thanks Karen, that was a wonderful tour. It's so exciting to see places I recognize. You ladies rock! I loved the sound of just the paddles in the water. I do admit I was getting a little sea sick, so I guess I'm not a candidate to be rower. Looking forward to more videos.

karen said...

Elizabeth, Thanks so much for reading, and watching. I get goosebumps everytime I see Venice from in the canal, and I'm so excited I can share a bit of it with you. These Lionesses totally rock! I'm proud to have been adopted by them.

Get the popcorn ready. The Festa di Redentore is July 16-17, and we'll be eating canalside with a group of native Venetians before the fireworks on Sat. night. Hope to get some video to post.

Rob C said...

Thank you for sharing your row with us all, please thank your fellow lionesses.

You've inspired me to take our GoPro to Costa Rica next week, we got it with our soon to expire points for Etihad.
I'm not any footage of Venice would be as bright and colourful as yours.


karen said...

Ciao Rob and Nat!

Glad you enjoyed being in the boat with us. Venice is the main attraction, isn't she?

Enjoy your trip to Costa Rica. Everyone says it's breathtaking there. Yes, take the GoPro! i'm loving mine. have lots more to learn about it, but so far we're so impressed with the image quality.

Buon viaggio! Hope to see you back in Venice one of these days too!

Andrew H said...

Cheryl and I enjoyed rowing round Venice with you all. And it was no effort at all!

Rob C said...

Karen, We're back at Christmas, hopefully by then I will be much reduced :-)

Anna S said...

Fantastic, can't wait for more.

Kris said...

My husband and I were in Venice for 11 days in May. Strolling down the Zattere I peeked into an open door and saw your boat. I reminded John of your story and blog. Thank you for posting these videos. I love seeing Venice from the canals instead of beside them. Ciao!

Kris Bean

karen said...

Anna S- Thanks so much for rowing along with me! if the GoPro Gods are wirh me, I'll record a bit of video this weekend during the big Redentore festa events. Crossing my fingers!!