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Monday, June 27, 2016

Keeping cool in Venice

Seems like in just 2 days the thermostat has jumped 20 some degrees. We're now in the sweltering zone, with both high temps and equally high humidity. 

If you are a tourist in Venice now, I have an essential tip for you that will help you survive these dog days of summer. 

Here's the first part of my tip.....

1. Get yourself a fan. 

That's right. An old fashioned hand fan. Get two or three.  Here's my current fan collection and I usually have two of them with me at any given time. One for each hand. I'm not kidding. 

This one is just a cheap-y, something I picked up in a sidewalk stall somewhere for a couple of bucks. Nothing fancy, on the small side so it slips into any handbag I may be carrying easily. This plastic one, with flowers that look deceivingly like they could be hand painted, handles some not-so-gentle treatment.  Totally tacky, but well worth the 2 bucks.

 This one is my essential Pink accessory, used often, especially when I'm at a Pink Lioness event.  It's also small, like the one above, and only a couple more Euros, but it's paper instead of plastic and not holding up as well. Gets high marks for cuteness, not so much for durability. But hey, it's Pink!

And last but not least, the lace fan I picked up on Burano a few years ago, mostly out of dire necessity as that day was  also a scorcher.  It's larger than the other two, and was much more expensive. Doesn't pack so easily into my handbag due to its size, but it does provide a bit more wind to the face when in use.   I always have the strong feeling I should be wearing a flamenco dancer's dress when I use it.

So, my advice for the day is to purchase a fan at the first kiosk you get to. Pick up one that has scenes of Venice on it if you must, but JUST DO IT.  The other day I saw some with big polka dots on them when they opened up.  One of those just might be joining my fan collection soon.

                                                 Fans, fans, fans. Find one you like?

And the second part of my tip....

2. Use it. Liberally.

 Don't worry about how stupid you will look, everyone around you will be either a) using a fan and looking stupid also or b) flat out jealous that you have a fan and they don't.

After you get the hang of it, you'll be flipping out  that fan with the flick of your wrist, feeling very Scarlet O'Hara-ish. Or is that Mata-hari- ish?  You get the idea. (Yes, I know what you are thinking. Karen-hari- ish).

Keep cool, amici. Get out there and enjoy Venice.

Ciao, tutti!


Andrew H said...

And you've got fans all over the world Karen.

karen said...

Andrew- grazie. What a nice thing to say!

You know, I still tell people about the day we met face to face at Mood. One of my all-time favorite encounters.

If any fans want to send me one from their part of the world, they would be a most welcome addition to my collection. Grab a permanent marker and autograph it somewhere, and add where you are from. I will proudly use them all over Venice.

Hugs to you, Cheryl and Tilly.

Jason said...

Just discovered your blog and wanted to thank you for taking the time to write it. What a great variety of topics, experiences, and insights! I love that you cover so many aspects of Venice and Venetian life, it allows me to escape the daily grind for a bit and dream about Venice.

karen said...

Ciao, Jason! Grazie mille! thanks so much for tak ng time to read and leavea comment.

I know about wanting to escape. That's exactly what brought us to Venice almost 9 years ago! We were so tired of the rat race, just wanted to live a better quality, simpler life. Venice just may have been our salvation. And, even after almost 9 years it still seems like a dream.

Hope you will stop in again!


Yvonne said...

Okay, let's see what Myrtleford has in the line of fans, for your fevered brow.