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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Another Earthquake- at 4am this morning

Yes, another earthquake!  We woke around 4am when the bed, and everything around us was shaking. We quickly threw on some clothes and headed outdoors into the garden. Our neighbors were all up, hanging out their windows talking to each other.  I can only tell you it is a very odd sensation to feel this very old building shake and move under your feet!

We've felt a couple of other tremors in the past year or so, but nothing this strong or this long lasting. I dreaded hearing the news this morning, fearing another disaster similar - or worse- to the earthquake suffered in L'Aquila three years ago.

The aftershock we felt about 10 minutes later was minor, but disturbing none the less.

Within minutes, literally a minute or two of when the quake was felt, people in the Venice area were posting on Facebook, asking if anyone else felt it and was everyone ok.  Fascinating use of Facebook!

This mornings news reveals the quake hit northwest of Bologna, and so far 3 deaths reported, but a fair amount of damage to some historic buildings in the area of Modena.


Rob C said...

Glad to hear you are both OK.

Being in an earthquake is one of Natalie's biggest fears, I hope this doesn't put her off Venice :-)


karen said...

Thanks, Rob! Tell Natalie that I have this very calm feeling about Venice ever succumbing to an earthquake, I don't know why, I just do. Don't think it will ever happen. You would have been absolutely amazed this morning to feel and see this old building swaying and moving. Perhaps being on the marsh below us helps cushion things a bit.

Michelle said...

You know that according to all or our earthquake preparadness here, running outside is one of the worst things you can do. You are supposed to get under a table or at least get something sturdy over your head. They emphasize this by showing pictures of cars crushed here by bricks falling off buildings during our last major one in 2001.
Anyway, glad everything is okay there.

It does not put me off Venice...in six months I'll be there.

JB said...

Thanks Karen for the first hand account of the earthquake (a Google search got me to to your blog). I'm planning to visit Venice with my girlfirend next week by taking a train from Vienna. I read some of your blog hoping to get some ideas. Too bad we missed St. Marks Day. If you have any suggestions, please let me know. Jeff (Austin, TX)

Dianne said...

We saw the news here and the pictures were so horrible to see all those old buildings in ruin. Particularly impressive was a clock tower where the clock was split in half. I have not heard how many people were killed or injured. Just hoping that the numbers are small. Take care.

Lindsay said...

Hi Karen - Just discovered you as I'm visiting Venice next week and was checking out earthquakes and Venice, when I found your blog. Fascinated to know more of your decision to move from US to Venice. How amazing. Would love to hear about your experiences. Lindsay

karen said...

Lindsay- if you find some free time while you are here, perhaps we can meet up for a prosecco or a coffee. Let me know what your schedule it- you can always email me at kmc207@gmail.com.

Thanks, looking forward to meeting you soon!
Ciao, Karen

jane said...

hope all is settled - earth quakes are all so creepy but at least Summer is on its way. !
Do you know if Ska J Venezia is playing in September.?Planning a visit and would love a band buddy - if your interested ? Jane

karen said...

Jane-- always interested in spending time with you. Probably no way to know where SkaJ is performing in Sept until closer to that time, but last year they were at Campo San Giacomo dell'Orio a few times late Aug- Sept. I am sure they will be around somewhere. I'm penciling you in on my calendar!! Keep me posted on your arrival plans!