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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Americas Cup- Venice 2012

The weather was perfect Friday afternoon, I had a few hours free, and the Americas Cup quarter finals were being held in the lagoon between St. Mark's and Lido that afternoon. Sounded like the ideal convergence of essential elements to me, so off we went, fully expecting to have to battle the crowds at San Marco all the way.

My friend Caterina and I disembarked the vaporetto at Valleresso only to be pleasantly surprised- no mobs!  Walking further, still no mobs.  Our plan was to  grab a light lunch in the vicinity of Giardini, then find a spot along the water to catch the race.

It's always an incredible sight to see the lagoon completely void of boat traffic.  The whole area was empty, then all of a sudden from off to the left between Sant' Elena and Lido came the boats. The New Zealand team was first, quite a bit in the lead, then 4 more close together. Breathtaking!

Here are a few shots of the action -

The Italian boat, Luna Rossa came in first in Friday afternoon's events. Unfortunately Team Oracle did  not do so well.

I was also eager to spend a little time inside the Arsenale, at the Americas Cup Village. In all my time in Venice, I had not yet been inside there. The place is enormous! I can only imagine what this area was like bustling with people making galleys in Venice's heyday. During the Americas Cup, this is the team base and also open to the public, with many displays and food booths. In the evenings, other special events are being held here.

 Rising out of the large basin was this enormous stand where  the race was being shown on a large screen.  There is a row of stalls set up selling beer, wine, champagne, panini's, pizza and fritto misto. I wished we had known about this, because it was relatively empty, no crowds, it would have been the perfect viewing spot for Mike to enjoy some of the race also!

I'm thinking that perhaps this was a once in my lifetime event to be able to view the Americas cup in person. Another perfect day in Venice!


Rob C said...

You lucky thing, very jealous, it looks like you had good weather too!


karen said...

Rob, wish you were here. The weather is perfect again today for the last day of the race. Can you catch it on TV? It has been spectacular!

Michelle said...

I have to watch the replays because of the time difference. One of my other favorite blogs e-venise has pictures and video (although everything written is in French) that are incredible.
Wish I was there too!
Years ago in Maui I took a performance sail on one of the boats before they switched to cattamarans. A thrilling and wet experience.

maryk said...

It has been absolutely spectacular - even watching it online on a little screen! A great event for Venice - and it will be back there in April next year, so you'll get another chance to see it - and the Arsenale - then.

Almost perhaps enough to tempt us to visit then (despite the crowds!)