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Friday, December 31, 2010

Auguri a Tutti! Buon Anno Nuovo

Happy New Year to all!!!  I want to wish everyone a healthy and happy 2011!!!!

Here in Venice there is a great celebration about to kick off in St. Mark's square for the countdown to midnight with entertainment and fireworks over the lagoon.  This year, we stayed in.

Today marks two weeks at home after the knee surgery, and boy it's been two busy weeks.  My orders from the doctors and my physical therapist were to walk, walk, walk, and do my exercises every day, so that's exactly what I've been doing.  We walked in the snow. We walked in Aqua Alta.  When it's been really too cold, I walk a circuit in the apartment with my dog Sam trailing behind me every step of the way. 

Every day gets a little better and there is a little less pain. I spend most of my day working my knee- either walking, or doing exercises, followed by an ice pack break. This week I did my first walk outside solo.   After the holidays I will be returning to Fate Bene Fratelli for a few weeks of outpatient rehab.  

There are people in the streets yelling, and setting off small fireworks. It's that time!  Auguri, tutti!!!


Michelle said...

Happy New Year, Karen and Mike from a frigid Seattle...had clear blue skies today but only up into the low 30's F...down in the 20's by midnight. 6pm here and I'm staying in because I have a cold...and I'm too old to fight the crowds.
Ciao, ciao,

jane said...

Happy New Year and keep walking . Jane

karen said...

Grazie, Jane! Buon Anno Nuovo!!

karen said...

Michelle, it's been bitter cold here too, unusually cold. Happy New Year, Felice Capodanno!!!! Hope you feel better soon. We feel the same way, about crowds! Hugs from Venice!!!!

Rob C said...

Sorry We missed you, we're back in cold,dank London now :-(
Anyway, Happy New Year!!

karen said...

Grazie, Rob. I'm still down with this stomach bug. Next time we'll get a meeting done!! Happy New Year!!

Dianne said...

Hi Karen,
Happy New Year to you and Mike. Hope each day brings increased mobility on your operated leg. We celebrated with 2 couples at our house with a great dinner and loads of laughs. Infinitely better than being out with a crowd of strangers. Still I'll bet it would have been exciting to see New Year's Eve at St. Mark's