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Friday, April 4, 2008

Dual Italian Citizenship - Establishing Residency in Castel San Pietro Terme

Next stop is Castel San Pietro Terme to handle the paperwork to establish residency. We also meet up with the other girl who is sharing the same apartment. What I find out is there are 2 others sharing the apartment, one girl from Venezuela and one from Brazil. Ok. it doesn’t matter to me. I was just hoping there were 3 bedrooms. Luigi had not told me anything at all about the apartment, and at that moment I was kicking myself for being so trusting. When the clerk in Castel San Pietro Terme got to my turn, she had a problem with the stamps in my passport. Thank goodness we had that electronic plane ticket still with us. That appeased her.

The next problem was the name on the Codice Fiscale we just had issued did not match the name on my passport. Oh for goodness sake, I thought we were going to have throw in the towel there. I got a reprieve- the clerk is going to get the Codice reissued for me with a corrected name. That was the first time in all this where someone volunteered to do something nice. I signed a few documents, and we had one more stop to make.

I had to turn in all the original documents to the director here. That was very easy, no issues. . I had a bit of trauma letting go of those documents. I cannot begin to explain how valuable those are to me,and what they represent. Taking my fingers off that folder to turn over the documents to this woman was extremely difficult.. but I knew that it had to be done. Once those were handed over, everyone was smiling and off we went.

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