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Sunday, April 6, 2008

Dual Italian Citizenship -Day 5 in Castel San Pietro Terme

Friday April 4, 2008

The week has actually flown by. I wake up this morning with a sinking feeling that we won’t be seeing the polizia today either. I don’t have anything to base that on, just a bad gut feeling. Luigi says we also have to be here on Saturday, but Sunday we have “off” and can leave here. However, if the police have not yet made their inspection, we must return for next week also. Technically they have 20 days to make their visit. We could be here quite some time yet. I need to go light a candle in Luisa’s room after Andreas comes back from the COOP with candles today.

I am also just about out of my food stash. Last nite for dinner I ate the pre-packaged lasagna Bolognese for dinner with a caprese salad. I have just a half of the chicken left, and some broccoli. I’m even out of yogurt. The grocery store closes at 7:30 – so I may have to give Andreas a list of things to pick up for me. That will be difficult, cause I don’t know without looking at what is on the shelf at the grocery store what I might want to pick out. I can’t be choosy today, I will have to just go with the flow.

I had a late breakfast- had my last yogurt, the last of my bread, and some tea. I showered and changed, then took a walk around the apartment. I was inside the fenced compound, so that was ok. I’ve already worked several hours today. I’ll continue working this afternoon.

My plan to give a grocery list to Andreas has backfired. She and Cristina, the mother of Isabella from Brazil, have gone shopping in Bologna all day, and then plan to make a stop at Luigi’s law office at 3pm. Aren’t they lucky they can go shop! As always, we are looking forward to the polizia visit before the end of the day today. Crossing fingers and toes, saying prayers to every saint we can conjure up a name for.

Very very uneventful day here at Casa di Cittidanza. No polizia today. Luisa is quite sad that they have not come today, and that seems to have effected everyone else in the house. She’s a bright light, that’s for sure. At 7:00 pm we all made a mad dash to the grocery store and left Luisa with the task of phoning us on our cells if the police arrived all of a sudden. I was just about out of food, so I needed that run. I bought some fresh pasta with and a jar of Mediterranean sauce ( capers, olives, and anchovies) for tonight’s meal. Andreas made a fresh fennel salad and gave me a bowl of that. I loved it. I’ll be recreating that at home soon.

I got work done, and that was the day. I am going to hope for a better result tomorrow. Buona Notte.

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