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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Life in Venice - High Tech, Italian style

No, this isn't Harry Potter's Nimbus 2000. It's what we see used every day here by streetcleaners keeping Venice clean. In the land responsible for Ferrari's, they are still using hand made stick brooms to sweep every square inch of Venice every morning. How weird is that??? But--- it's one of the things I love about Italy. I'm constantly on the lookout for these little cultural differences. Aren't they great??

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tina said...

Just stumbled upon your blog and intend to browse through to find some inspiration for my upkoming visit to Venice for the millionth time. As for the broom goes, I have one of those at home and it doesn't get better than that broom! Better that any machine, seriously. It picks leaves and other things that stick to the floor like a dream. I've seen it's been used in Switzerland by the workers on streets, so don't confuse it with being primitive, as Swiss is very much up there country, so if they use it, they must know why.