We've moved from Baltimore, Maryland USA to Venice, Italy in pursuit of living our dream!

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Living the dream- We're HERE!!!!

It's been a few weeks since arriving in Venice, and we're just now getting connected to the Internet. That's been one of the items on our "frustration" list, but we seem to be past that now. YAHOO! Connecting to the internet is vital to our plan to exist over here. I have a blog full of internet connection tidbits to report- but later for that.

Arrival for me was so much smoother than I had expected. For one thing, Lufthansa handled the dog expertly. They made sure I knew his status every step of the way, which was so comforting for me. When I landed in Venice, I knew from Mike's experience with his dog, Leo, that I needed to go collect the dog from a special doorway near baggage claim. I was ready! I had all my luggage ( 4 heavy bags) loaded onto the cart, and there came Sam through the doorway! He and I were both glad to see each other!

Mike met us at the airport, which was a huge help. I could not have managed with Sam's large crate, him, and all those suitcases. We got to the watertaxi dock, showed the driver the location of the apartment and off we went! We are incredibly fortunate to have an apartment right on a canal. The apartment is exactly like the pictures we were sent- it's perfect for us. Probably not perfect for everyone, but since we are used to living in an old house, this old house was not a shock to us. It so suited to us I felt instantly comfortable.

The dogs adjusted quickly. In fact, I think they just love it here. They are out walking several times a day, and getting tons of attention from people. Italians seem to love dogs, and our two love them back for it!

We also got lucky to have one of the few backyards in Venice( giardini is the word for garden, which is what this would be called). The dogs are enjoying this little extra bonus, cause they get to run out there often.

So we're here, getting settled. Our internet time is not unlimited, so more next time. But for now, the journey really begins!

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