We've moved from Baltimore, Maryland USA to Venice, Italy in pursuit of living our dream!

Monday, February 25, 2008

Living the dream- simple pleasures, Italian style

I just had to laugh today when I thought about how different our simple pleasures are here, compared to what we are used to in the States. On any given day here, I find myself just in awe that the vegetables taste so much better. Yes, they really do. I'll be eating dinner and will be raving about a red pepper tasting like candy!

But today, I had an altogether different pleasure. Mike went to the hardware store nearby to purchase everything he needed to install a new clothesline, complete with a pulley! Yes, my simple pleasure is a new clothesline on which to hang my clothes to dry. I do miss my washer and dryer back home! We have a washer in the apartment, but Italian washers aren't what we are used to. There's no large capacity washer, that's for sure. This is tiny, seems to take forever to do a cycle, and sounds like a spaceship about to take-off! Dryers are not commonplace in the apartments here. Clothes can be seen hung out all over, even across canals!

Mike came home from the hardware store with rope, 2 pulleys, and a turnbuckle thing-y, and asked if I wanted it strung over the canal or in the backyard. I'm afraid I'd drop clothes into the canal, so I opted for the backyard. He proceeded to rig the thing up, and before long I was hanging sheets out on the line! I'm in business now!


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Hi Mom!

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I am glad all is well. How exciting! Look forward to our next conversation and the possibility of The Venice Experience and Gordon's Guide working together.

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