We've moved from Baltimore, Maryland USA to Venice, Italy in pursuit of living our dream!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Living the dream - Mike and Leo arrived in Venice!

What a day Monday was!!! We got loaded into the car around 12:30 and headed to Dulles. I had expected alot of traffic, but we had none, we made great time. A curbside porter helped get all the stuff loaded up, and while they were doing that I got to take Leo for a little walk. We found the last bit of grass he'd see until he arrived in Italy the next morning. Since I couldnt have gotten beyond security, I left them there at the check in desk, wishing them both a safe trip, and I got back into the car for the ride back to Baltimore.

I was a nervous wreck, mostly worried about the dog and how he would do on the plane. Mike called me after he got through security so he could update me on how things were going. All the dog's paperwork was fine, they had no problems other than they wouldn't let his water bottle through. And we had worked for a whole week getting the dogs used to drinking from this bottle!!! Mike had to throw it away cause the airline wouldn't allow the drinking bottle. Oh well, at least I known not to bring that when I fly with my dog next week.

Right before take off Mike called again to let me know they had informed him Leo had been loaded onto the plane. We were both relieved knowing he was on the same plane, now headed for Frankfurt. I think MIke's next call came around 2am, my time. He had landed in Frankfurt and was waiting on the connecting flight. An hour later he called back again to let me know that Leo had been boarded onto the flight for Venice, and he was about to get on the plane himself. So far so good! I wasn't getting any sleep, but at least I was getting updates.

The next call came from Venice. Mike had collected his luggage, but had not gotten Leo yet. This was at least a good sign, cause we had done this flight through Frankfurt before and the luggage never made it to Italy. Just as we were on the phone talking, Leo's crate was delivered to Mike in the baggage area. No need to worry anymore , at least not about the flight. They both were safe and sound. Leo was fine, and Lufthansa did a wonderful job of handling him.

But we weren't out of the woods yet. They still had to get to the apartment. The last thing we had heard was that Nicola's father was going to meet them at the airport. And somehow, miraculously, they all hooked up at the Venice airport. They met Mike with a car, drove to Piazzale Roma, and loaded Leo and all the luggage onto a cargo boat for the trip to the apartment.

After a whole night of phone calls, the last one I got was about 7:00 am my time, with an update from Mike after getting settled into the apartment. He said it was exactly as it looked in all the pictures we had been sent. Exactly! We thought at least the owners would remove pictures off the walls, but they were still there. It didn't matter, at this point we were both so relieved to actually have one of us in Venice, in our own apartment.

Ok. Now half of the team is on the ground in Venice. Now I can stop worrying.. at least for a few days until I put my dog Sam in his crate for his journey to Italy.

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Lee said...

I'[ve just begun reading your blog from start to finish today. I am in tears of joy for you both reaching the end of this post! I have dogs, and have contemplated expatriating to Europe more than once with them. I actually did expatriate with them to Canada (not as frenzied as a flight to Europe, but involved paperwork-wise). I can't wait to keep reading! Yay!