We've moved from Baltimore, Maryland USA to Venice, Italy in pursuit of living our dream!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Living the dream- first full day in Venice

I've had a few emails and a few phone calls from my guys in Italy during the day today. Mike is loving the apartment. With each call, he sounds happier and happier, so I couldn't be more pleased. We took a huge leap of faith on that apartment deal, doing the whole thing based on some photographs. But, as I have said more than once already, somebody up above has been with me on this whole adventure.

Mike has been reporting back to me, letting me know what is in the apartment just in case there are items that I will have to pack to bring with me. Yesterday he told me he couldn't find anything in the kitchen- no dishes, no pots, no glassware, no silverware. Oh well, we just laughed and said now he has a reason to go visit Ratti. Ratti is a wonderful shop full of housewares on Salizida San Lio, which was on our everyday route to the Rialto when we stayed over in Castello. Now we are on the other side of town! This would warrant a trip there for sure. But, good news, Mike found stuff in the kitchen this morning! He's having fun searching through all kinds of cupboards! He located the silverware in a drawer in the kitchen table. Odd place he thought. Well, maybe, but I think that might be an Italian standard. My mom is native born Italian, and I recall when I was growing up that our everyday silverware was stored in the kitchen table drawer too! I hadn't thought about that in ages, but it was a pleasant memory as Mike was telling me about his latest find!

Mike and Leopold have been out walking, getting familiar with the new neighborhood, and getting the dog used to a whole new place. Leo is a friendly little guy, and as expected, he's already been attracting friends. Human friends, and a few Italian dogs. They have found the nearest Punta , a grocery store chain , not too far away from us in Campo Santa Margherita. Funny, we've shopped in a Punta before, but this one has something we have not seen before-- you have to pay one Euro to use the shopping cart! Looks like we are in for lots of new things to get used to.

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