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Sunday, December 16, 2007

365 days of Venice - The Rialto Market

On my list of top 10 things to see in Venice is the Rialto market. Get up early in the morning and walk to the market to see the most incredible display of produce and fish you will ever see. This is one of the best markets you'll find in Italy.

The first time I went to the Rialto Market we were in Venice for 12 days, staying in a hotel. We couldnt buy anything other than some fruit to eat that day, but I couldnt help but wish to shop there for food I could cook for myself. How could you not want to cook when you are surrounded by the abundance of unbelieveable produce you see here??

The next year I got my wish. I stayed for 3 weeks in an apartment in Castello and was able to walk to the Rialto most mornings to shop. I'd try to learn the Italian names for the things I wanted to buy, then I could ask for what I needed and try to have a conversation wtih the produce vendors. One morning when I needed some sage, I stumbled over the name. The woman in the stall came around to the outside and gave me a little Italian lesson. She took the time to point to each herb and teach me the name, then gave me the sage and basil that I needed for free, with a smile and a wave of her hand. This is one of my best memories of our visits to Venice.

One thing you must remember, not only at the Rialto market but in all markets in Italy--- don't touch the produce!!! You must ask the vendor for what you want, and they will select the best items for you.

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