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Saturday, December 15, 2007

365 days of Venice- the origin of Barber Poles

Here's my pick of the day-- and I don't even know what these are called, but they remind me of barber poles. Now it will bug me and I will have to go do some research. Are they water poles? Does anyone know the answer??

These are a very common Venice sight. Some are more elaborate than others, each palazzo seems to have chosen their own personalized color scheme. As you ride up and down the canals you will see all sorts of lovely color combinations. Some poles are more ornate than others having some gold decorations at the top. And then there are the poles that have no brightly colored stripes, no carved top piece. Only plain wood pilings. Oddly enough, those to me are just as beautiful.

These poles are another of Venice's symbols. And just like the other sights I have posted here, there are so many varieties you can keep busy looking all day long and never get tired of the view.

So as you can see, my list of Venice favorite sights is growing: windows, the poles, gondoliers, directional signs. Wonder what tomorrow's will be ??

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