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Friday, February 14, 2014

Off the grid for a few days

The internet is truly a powerful tool. It connects me to all of you, and through this blog I've met incredible people, both through emails and in person. Our latest adventure came about through a series of messages on the internet, when I responded to a request made in an online group I belong to for someone who might be interested in house sitting for a few days. One thing led to another and in under an hour of chatting, I was booking train tickets to LeMarche. 

Mike and I will be way off the grid, but with internet connection this time. We'll be spending the week at a lovely villa up in the hills in the LeMarche region of Italy, an area we have not yet been to.  While we'll be without a car, we're still hoping to be able to get out and explore a bit. 

So- the adventure begins today. We board a train right after lunch for Bologna, then transfer trains to Porto S. Giorgio-Fermo arriving around 7 pm. 

We're going to be up in the hills, somewhere a bit above Fermo. From the photos we've seen, the area is just gorgeous. Of course, my camera is going along in the suitcase with me! We're planning on some quiet, peaceful days. Hopefully we'll both get some writing done.  We've just returned from a 12 day cruise on a mega-ship along with 3500 passengers which was anything but quiet, so this will be a welcome treat for us for a few days! 

Happy San Valentino day to you all! 

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Dianne said...

Enjoy your tme in Le Marche. I have never been there either so hope you put some photos on your blog (or Facebook page if you have one)