We've moved from Baltimore, Maryland USA to Venice, Italy in pursuit of living our dream!

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Secret Garden update

No rain today (big surprise), and you would have thought I'd take advantage of the clear skies to get down into the garden again. Not today. I gave myself a day off to spend a few hours at the Biennale exhibits (more on that in my next post ).  We did go down for a look-see, hoping to notice some progress. Luckily I remembered to grab my camera on my way out the door!

Here's the new tomato bed, filled with heirloom tomatoes, cherry tomatoes and some big round tomatoes we hope will be perfect for thick slices on summer sandwiches. 

The first of the tomatoes on the vine!!

The zucchini bed. Too early to spot any zucchini's, but everything looks like it's getting bigger.

The pepper and eggplant bed along the side garden wall. 

First of the peppers!

Roses blooming today. Another first!

View of the front half of the garden.

The back corner finally cleared.  Now I can do a little dreaming about what this might look like in a year or two. 


Dianne said...

Do you have any space to sit out there? Or space for a dog to run (it's been some time since your two passed away and I was wondering if you thought about another one -- although it must be very hard to have a dog with your schedules).

karen said...

Dianne- there is tons of space to sit out there. We were out checking plants this evening, plotting and planning what we might do with the back half. I suggested a pool, or a large gazebo. Mike just laughed!!

And yes, plenty of space for a dog, however if we ever were to get one, there is an even better place- the park at Sant'Elena is just in front of our apartment, and it's huge. No more dogs for us, however. Our hearts were broken, the thought of suffering this kind of pain every again is just too much. And- we want the ability to just take off and travel whenever we want, which is impossible if you have to locate a pet sitter. We're going to enjoy not having that responsibility, at least for the foreseeable future.

Dianne said...

Saw your post about the roses and other flowers. I know that you will enjoy the garden this summer with all that beauty.
Understand about the dogs -- it's hard getting someone to watch them if you are living in Europe (although we were very lucky when we lived in Luxembourg -- had a great kennel). Things like kennels (and people who will take the dogs into their own home are easier here in the States). My 4th Springer Spaniel Darcie is lying next to me while I type this. She is very content to be near her people.
I might get to Venice this Fall with a couple of lady friends. Nothing is scheduled yet (and it might not happen) but if it does, it would be great to see you and possibly sign on for one of your tours.