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Friday, December 14, 2012

It's beginning to look a little bit like Christmas

Christmas lights and decorations are finally up, and lit, in St. Mark's square . Just thought I'd share a bit with you all.

The tree  at the Monaco Hotel on Calle Vallaresso, just across from Harry's Bar

 Lights along Calle Vallaresso

 Hotel Luna Baglioni all lit up 

 The Christmas tree in St.Mark's square, just to the left of the Basilica

 Look carefully at the Campanile (Bell Tower). You will see white splotches on it. These are supposed to be snow flakes, and they move up the tower. They are projected onto the side. Impossible to capture this in a still photo.

 Lights and greenery strung under the sottoportego around the square

St. Mark's square, of course!


ChrisV said...

We walked down Calle Vallaresso several times a day during our last trip - we stayed at a nearby hotel. So nice to see the photo with the lights. Thanks!

karen said...


Prego! Thanks for sending the comment. Buon Natale from Venice!!

Tim The Nomad said...

Thanks for the photos. I can't wait to be back in Venice. Your blog was a timely reminder to confirm the hotel reservation.

karen said...

Grazie, Tim! So glad I could be of assistance. Make the reservation!!!

The Dublin Diary said...

Such special images, thank you for sharing :)

karen said...

Dublin Diary- my pleasure! Thanks so much for letting me know you enjoy my posts!! You made my day!

Dianne said...

My favorite is the last photo which shows the chairs from I Quadri, my favorite cafe on Piazza San Marco. Thanks for sharing!

karen said...

Thanks, Diane! My favorite is Florians, but .... anywhere in St. Mark's square is pretty darned good. Quadri's hot cioccolata is to die for, I will admit :) Buon Natale e Buon Anno!!