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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Boat, Bus and Trams....OH MY!!! All on 24 hr strike today!

Thought I would have had this posted yesterday, to give a little heads up, but ...that's how my days are going lately :)  

It's been awhile since our last transportation strike.  I'm spoiled! So just when I think things are going well, ACTV throws another whammy.  24 hour vaporetto, autobus and tram strike, starting at - I think- midnight on Oct 2.  I saw the general announcement, and did, as it instructed, go read the long version of information posted at all the vaporetto stops.  I could not for the life of me figure out exactly what is running when.  I know there is some sort of "essential" boat transportation schedule between some hours in the morning and late afternoon so people can get get to/from work.  Bus seems to be running in those peak times also. Aside from that, good luck.  If you are a tourist in Venice today, consider it a great day to be out walking.  If you need to get to the train station from the other side of town, it's a good day to splurge on a water taxi.

We've been making daily trips using the #6 vaporetto line to Sant'Elena to clean and paint. We will not be getting there today. Today will be a packing day. Thank you, ACTV. 


Anonymous said...

I understand your pain. Today though, there is a National Strike for Public Transports - and this is broadly reported in ALL national/local newspapers.
Good luck with your packing day - at least today the weather is incredibly warm and you will enjoy Venice once you have finished.

Dianne said...

Hi Karen,
I remember my last transportation strike. I was due on Burano for a 12:30 pm reservation at Da Romano (the first time there --but not the last). I finally realized something was up when no vaporetto arrived for about 20 minutes or so. I had plans to visit Murano first and then go to Burano for my lunch so I was leaving about 8:30 am. When I asked a local resident what I needed to do to get to Burano, he told me that ACTV was obligated to run transport between the out islands and Venice proper because of the people working in both places. He advised me to go to the Fondamenta Nuovo and to take the traghetto across the Grande Canale. I did that but proceeded to get lost since I had a very poor map. I finally got to Burano at 1:30 pm but the owner welcomed especially when he learned about my difficulties getting there.

By the way congrats on your new apartment and have fun furnishing it. I know exactly what you are going through as we had to do the same thing when we lived in Paris. Can you take pictures of your Murano fixtures that you found. Would love to see them.
Ciao, bella!
Dianne Shanley

John said...

Hi Karen, I found your blog by searching for hairdressers in Venice (weird).

I've just moved here from London for studying purposes,and I'm getting towards desperate for a hair cut (I'm a male). Which hair dresser does your partner go to, and what does he usually pay?

Thank you for any help you can give me!


karen said...

Welcome to Venice! My hairdresser Simone also does men's hair. My husband also used him, as do all of the guys at my favorite cafe, Imagina. Expect to pay about 30 Euros. Simone's shop is very close to the Frari church. Let me know if you want his phone number.

What part of Venice are you living in, and what are you studying?


verita interna said...

I found this blog a few months ago, and it was enticing. I spend a few months per year in Venice, and have always wanted to move there. I read all of the back posts. However, there haven't been any new posts for the past two months, so I am wondering if this blog is finished, and no longer active. I would like to know, so that if so, I can delete it from my bookmarks.

karen said...

Thanks for your message! Please don't give up on me!!! Between the move and a long, much needed early winter vacation, I've been away from the blog, but have all good intentions to get it fired up again this month. Look for me!