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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Regatta Storica 2012

The Regatta Storica is one of the most important rowing events of the year here in Venice. The event kicks off with a parade down the Grand Canal of 16th century replica boats, complete with rowers in historic costume ,bearing a host of  city officials and none other than the  Doge himself and his wife. It's a grand display of pagentry! Following the parade, the Grand Canal is closed to boat traffic for the remainder of the afternoon so that the regattas can take place. There are 4 races- youth 2 oar pupparini, women 2 oar mascarete, Men's 6 oar caorline, and last but not least,  the 2 man gondolini . This last race is the big one of the year.

If you are from the area, you know that there has been a "healthy" competition brewing for several years between two of the gondolini racing teams, Gianpaolo D'Este and Ivo Redolfi Tezzat vs. the cousins Rudi and Igor Vignotto. Watching these two teams battle it out is always a highlight.

Normally I make sure I have a seat along the Grand Canal for the Regatta Storica. One year I even had the pleasure of watching from a boat in the water on the canal. This year, I chose to watch it on TV, thus I have no personal photos of my own to share today. I have to say, as much as I enjoy being ringside along the Grand Canal, I much preferred watching the regatta portion on TV, because I got to see the entire thing from the start position way down at the Giardini, all the way to the finish, and was able to see everything that happens in between.  When I have a position on the Grand Canal, I only get to see the boats as they pass in front of me, and have no idea what transpires before or after that. To be able to see the teams of D'Este/Tezzat and the Vignotto's race neck and neck down the Canal, then make the turn at the other end by the train station and both no room to move but to touch for a second was worth missing time out there in person.

If you have followed the news after the race, you may already know that the Vignotti cousins were victorious.  I am already anticipating next September's rematch!

  Photo courtesy of Venezia Today

Photo courtesy of La Nuova di Venezia e Mestre

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