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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Testing 1-2-3

Bear with me, please. I'm testing a new camera and want to attempt to upload a photo or two to my blog.

I ordered the camera about a week ago online after having checked out just about every camera store in Venice that I could think of. None carried the camera I wanted, nor would they order it for me. I did not bother to try shopping on the mainland, I just gave in and resorted to online, using an Italian website. This is often the kiss of death, as the Italians don't do online shopping like we do in the US. Not only is the purchase transaction difficult, but delivery is often difficult or even non-existant.  Amazon.it is a relatively new site which fortunately works moderately well, so I chose to use them this time. Still, delivery can be questionable.

After making the order, the item did not ship when they told me it would. In fact, 3 days after the expected ship date it still had not been sent out, so I did start to hold my breath and begin praying to the internet gods. Someone answered my prayers- my camera did get shipped out at the end of that day, and the delivery date was updated to today, April 26.  Around 11 am this morning, my doorbell rang. I let the delivery guy in, and there was my new camera!

Upon unpacking the camera, I discovered the menu system was all in French. Great. Snafu number one. After charging the battery, I was able to figure out how to change the language to English. I was on a roll now!! I continued setting menu options and ran around the house taking some sample photos to get my feet wet with several of the features of this camera that were new to me. 

I could not wait to get out on the street to try more shots. After a couple of hours practice, I can tell you I love the feel of the camera in my hand- it's lightweight, everything seems to be laid out well and is easy to use.  So far, my favorite thing about it is the incredible zoom capability. Check this out-

Here's the Campanile in St. Mark's square, this afternoon. I'm standing back at the far side of the square opposite the Basilica.   Can you see that little gold speck on the top of the Campanile???  That's the Archangel Gabriel.

Here is Gabriel from the exact same spot.  My former camera would have still had him looking like a little speck.  Love this! FYI- my new camera is a Panasonic Lumix fz150.

And one more for testing purposes-

I was completely across Bacino Orseolo when I snapped this one- alittle bit more zoom and I probably could have read the title on this gondolier's book!

 I already have a LONG list of things all over Venice I intend to zoom in on!!


Rob C said...


Nice camera, looking forward to the results.

Say hi to Mike

Rob & Nat

Michelle said...

You have me longing for a new camera with greater zoom. I'll probably have it in November!

bestdealsdiscovered said...

Nice photographs. Now you capture your dreams and we can all look forward to more wonderful photos of lovely Venice, Si?

BaileyZimmerman said...

Karen...what camera did you get??
How exciting!!!

BaileyZimmerman said...

Karen what type of camera did you get?
How exciting can't wait to see even more of your images.
(not sure if my first message posted...sorry if it did)

Dianne said...

Hi Karen,
I was so impressed by your new camera that I am considering getting one. Trouble is, no one here has one in stock either and I would love to just test it out in my hands before buying one. What made you decide to purchase it? We are going on a Safari in September and I was looking for a new lens for my Canon Rebel but the only lightweight on I found only went up to 300 mm. The Lumix goes from 25mm to 600mm -- No contest as far as I am concerned and it apparently does not weigh much. Anyway have fun with it. We are looking forward to more Venice picture.

karen said...

Diane- another friend had a Panasonic Lumix- I saw her photos and was blown away. I asked her what model she had, she didn't remember, so I just started looking on the internet. I searched every camera shop in Venice to see one close up, but no one had it. I thought she had the Fz-150, which is the one I bought, turns out she had a slightly older version, FZ-40. I also ordered mine sight unseen, based on the reviews I read. I LOVE it! It is so light, the zoom is phenomenal.

I ordered mine through Amazon, no problems.

karen said...

Linda- it's the Panasonic Lumix FZ-150. It's pretty great :). the mega-zoom is phenomenal- as good as all the reviewers said it would be. Even MIke, our resident Photographer, is very impressed.

Dianne said...

Hi Karen, I just bought a FZ 150 on line from Amazon. I couldn't find it anywhere either. By the way, if you check your email, you will see that I sent you the URL for my website which has a link to The Venice Experience.