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Sunday, November 6, 2011

First Aqua Alta of the Season

Here it is- the first high water (Aqua Alta) of the season in St. Mark's square this morning. We've all been waiting for this, patiently!  The duckboards have been stacked around the city since the beginning of October in anticipation. We've had a couple of false starts- a few inches now and then right outside the main doors of the Basilica. But this morning, at 5:15 am, the sirens went off for the first time this year. Honestly, I couldn't wait to get out in it!!


Rob C said...

Thanks for the memory! Not looking forward to this bit of our Venetian Christmas :-(

Still, we've got our Big Yellow 'Boots' and the new iPhone app so we're as ready as we're gonna get!!


Anonymous said...

Tell my boots I'll soon be there! I have a feeling they, and my waterproof jacket are going to get good use this year. There seems to be a bit of rain comin' down, as well as tide comin' up!



karen said...

Yvonne- Assolutamente Si!!!

Michelle said...

Ciao, Karen,
Have just been thinking about you and have missed your posts.
I'm planning lots of "water repellant" wear for both feet and body for my trip next year.

karen said...

Ciao, Michelle!

We've been traveling recently, and will be doing even more during the winter season. I know- lame excuse for not posting, but it's all I've got for now :)

Hope all is well with you!

Dianne said...

My friend Adriana told me in an email about the bad weather coming toward Venice. She had informed me of the terrible storms in the Cinque Terre and Northern Tuscany which got no press here in Florida (as far as I can tell anyway). Saw some videos of the rivers of mud and it looked so heart-wrenching for the poor inhabitants. Hopefully Venice's acqua alta will not be more than normal this season!

karen said...

Diane- Cinque Terre is very bad. They need relief funds, so if you know anyone who wants to donate, spread the word. Just the other day there were bad floods in Genoa also, a few people there dead, and lots of damage. Here I don't think we'll see the same problems. Venice is used to high water. So far, it's normal. We all have our boots ready!!!