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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Facelift for Piazzale Roma

While this photo doesn't quite do justice to the new renovations that have been going on in Piazzale Roma over the past month or so, it does give you a glimpse of the new taxi line!  It's been moved to the other side of the parking lot completely.  Lots of changes taking place -- from the new paving to the installation of trees and some benches.

The overhaul is long overdue. Piazzale Roma is Venice's entry point for visitors coming in by bus, car and now the People Mover. It needed a bit of updating. In this case, the changes are all good.

The bus stop locations have changed around a bit, so it's going to be confusing until we all get accustomed to the new spaces and numbering. But with a little patience, it will all sort itself out. On the plus side, the renovations are done. It was a bit of a nightmare having to deal with the buses being located out on Tronchetto for several weeks, and not knowing exactly what was where.  I wondered why this all had to be done in August, the busiest and hottest time of the year!

The grand re-opening ceremony has taken place. Even Mayor Orsoni got in on some ribbon cutting. Piazzale Roma is looking brand new.

Next renovation project: Accademia Bridge. Stay tuned for updates. 

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tim said...

Piazzale Roma sounds so romantic doesn't it? It terrifies me after any time in Venice. All the traffic! You have my sympathies with the buses moved to Tronchetto, it is even worse than Piazzale Roma. I am glad they have planted trees, anything to soften the area. Like any city, bus and railway stations are not the most pleasant of areas. Why is that so?

Any news about when the Accademia renovation is going to happen? That will be a major blow to getting across the Grand Canal if you're a determined walker in Venice, like me.