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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Mood Cafe - Campo Santa Margherita

I've promised to post a photo of the new outdoor tables at Mood.. so here it is. I'm making good on that promise!  We're so happy to welcome this team of hard working guys to our neighborhood.

 I love the interior redecoration.Charlie Chaplan is a favorite of mine, so they couldn't have picked a better portrait to splash over the entire back wall. Makes me smile everytime I walk in.

Meet Max- the magician behind all the food  at Mood.  I'm hooked on his cheeseburgers, that Mike and I have renamed the "Max burger".  We have adopted the phrase -? the Max Burger, it's ex-pat approved!"  Somehow this Italian chef has created the best burger I've tasted in years. I also love his salad creations. I'm partial to his Greek Salad, topped with a bit of low fat yogurt and olive oil. But I most love the times Max tells me to "Trust him" to create a salad for me. It's a fabulous surprise every time he puts a bowl on the table in front of me.

Nicola, the other force behind Mood, wasn't around when I was snapping photos. I'll have to catch him another day. 


Anonymous said...

Sounds great. Oh, how I wish this place was around when we were just there beginning of May. Well, we'll just have to return soon.

Dianne said...

Hi Karen,
I will certainly look for it again when I am back in September as I am again staying near Campo Santa Margherita.
Dianne Shanley

Anonymous said...

For sure, go there when you're in that area. Thank you for the photo of the tables and chairs, karen. I hope they do extraordinarily well, they deserve to.

Please tell them I'll be in to frequent their place this winter. (Frequently)