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Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Max Burger-- my latest food preference!

I raved about hot dogs recently, so it's only fair that I  sing the praises of another local find that has rapidly become a huge hit with us.  Not long ago Mood,  a new bar/caffe,  opened in Campo Santa Margherita .  There have been a string of unsuccessful attempts at new food establishments in the campo during the past year, and we've been sad, and disappointed to see them go under so quickly.   When Mood opened, we were quick to become regular patrons.

Nicolo and Max, the guys who run the place, are just really nice, hard working guys. We encouraged them early on to do whatever they had to do to get tables outside in the campo. Without those, how could they compete? We think that was a huge part of the problem with the other bars that folded.  This week, tables showed up outside Mood, and they are filled up whenever we go by the place. Bravi, Nicolo and Max!!

What makes Mood a bit different is the food Max has been making. To say the least, he is innovative. They are serving club sandwiches, sandwiches with eggs on them, burritos, tortillas and a variety of interesting cicchetti (Venetian finger food similar to Spanish Tapas). This isn't standard fare for any of the caffes in Venice.  They also have a terrific selection of beers, including Sierra Nevada and Brooklyn- also not easy to find in this city. This past week, Max told us he was going to add Cheeseburgers to the menu, and asked us to give them a try.

Mike and I purchased Max's very first two cheeseburgers , and WOW, we were sold as soon as we bit into them.  Max has created the perfect burger!  He's using freshly ground meat from the new butcher down at the end of the campo (the one I've been crowing about also!), and it's cooked to perfection. Not overdone, just right.  I have no idea where he's getting the buns, but they also are just great.  Even down to the catsup and mustard, Max is doing it exactly right.  We loved them!  We quickly renamed them " The Max Burger", and added our special endorsement " EX-Pat Approved!".

If you find yourself in Campo Santa Margherita anytime soon, I urge you to find Mood.  Enjoy a bit, say hi to Max and Nicolo, and tell them we sent you!


Yvonne said...

Yay!! Say hello to the blokes from me. I hope so hard that they'll make a success of their venture. I'm glad the tables and chairs have finally arrived. Could you please post a photo of them? And, have a spritz for me.

Lynda Aurilio said...

Darn we missed them by two weeks. We'll just have to come back. LOL

Michelle said...

So much better for those craving a burger while in Venice than one of the international chains.
Hope they are still there my next visit.

karen said...

Max and Nicolo have been doing a thriving business, I've been checking up on them everyday. Mike and I stop in every chance we can, just so we can help him stay open!

Yvonne said...

Darn, my first comment vanished into thin air. I'm so glad they seem to be making a go of it now. They're such nice people. Say hello from me, and send a photo of the tables and chairs.

Dianne said...

I will have to try them when I come back to Venice in September (9th through 17th). I hope to be staying the same place I was when we met in May 2009 as I am going to Istituto Venezia for another week of lessons. Maybe we can have a cafe macchiato or something. I am wondering if the pizza by the slice place is also still in Campo Santa Margherita and wasn't there a supermarket near Rio Terra that was being remodeled?

Dianne said...

I just looked at the blog again to find the place and am going to try them for lunch. Have been in Venice for about a week. Sorry we did not hook up before but that's the way things are. I will tell you what I think of the Max Burger the next time I am on the internet. I leave Sunday and school is over and its the only place I can get an internet connection. Boy hasn't it been hot. Found a new pasticierria in Campiello San toma -- Vizio Virtu'...e altro. You may know it. I am going to try it out this afternoon as I have a dinner to go to tonight and want to take dessert. Note that they also say they serve iced tea. open from 10-13; and 14:30 to 19:30