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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Another little taste of Carnevale today

Each day this week, I had intended to post my favorite Carnevale costume of the day. Today, however,to my surprise, I did not come across very many costumes at all in St. Mark's Square at midday. In fact, it was just about empty, most likely due to the high winds and very cold temperatures.  So- here are all of today's costume photos!

 The woman in pink practically had all of St. Mark's Square to herself!  She didn't mind posing for a few photos though.
 Isn't this guy great?  He chose to go sans mask wearing makeup instead, including bright red lipstick. His period look was picture perfect!

 Love the black and white theme this trio chose. 

 My last photo of the day is perhaps my favorite. I crossed paths with a  handful of "Marie's"on their way home from a day's work!  They are on the bridge right outside our apartment.

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LindyLouMac said...

it is such a shame carnevale does not fall at a warmer time of the year.