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Thursday, December 8, 2016

Countdown to Christmas 2016, Venice Style - Day 8

Recycled Toilet Paper Roll Christmas Advent Calendar:

Ciao, tutti!

Welcome back for day #8 of my Countdown to Christmas 2016, Venice Style.

Every time I write "Venice Style" for these posts, I hear the "Gangnam Style" song in my head. Sorry. Couldn't help myself. You are all doing the dance, aren't you? 

Today is a very important holiday in Italy, the Feast of the Immaculate Conception.  Banks, schools, government offices are all closed. In fact, most are making a four day weekend out of it. It's also the day most Italians put up their Christmas trees  and arrange  their  Presepe.  As of this very moment, our fake tree is out of the box, constructed and lights are on.  I have a feeling the rest of the process will get done tomorrow. But.. we're almost there! And on the right day too. 

So, are we ready to take a peek behind door #8? 

I decided to stay in Campo Santa Margherita again today. 

Say hello to my favorite fishmongers (peschivendolo in Italian) - Gianni, Paolo and Riccardo.  

Gianni, Paolo and Riccardo in Campo Santa Margherita

This family has been selling in one of the few areas of Venice where fish vendors were located for hundreds of years. Right in the campo. Every day, Tuesday through Saturday, they set up shop.  That's my salmon Riccardo is holding in the photo (eaten tonight for dinner and it was yummy). I love that they will prepare the fish any way I ask. They even peel and clean my shrimp! Who could ask for better service? 

Ricardo with rhombo
Riccardo holding up a huge flounder (rombo) for us.

With the number of Venice residents declining rapidly, we're happy to see our favorites still in business.  Should you be in the neighborhood, stop by to say hello. Better yet, if you are renting an apartment, be adventurous and buy some local fish to make for your diner! 

Here's the link to my Countdown to Christmas 2014 post for Day 8 Glass Ornaments!

I promise, tomorrow we're not going to be in Campo Santa Margherita again. I'll leave you guessing what I have up my sleeves for you, though!

Today's Advent calendar thanks to  The Crafty Blog stalker. Great use of old toilet paper rolls. Ingenious! 

A domani!


Anne Vance said...

Anyone who'll fillet sardines for me has my vote! And undying gratitude...

karen said...

Yes, they are my boys!!!

Polly Harding said...

Wow peel your prawns!! That's amazing. Really enjoying this journey. (I am so not a traditionalist , I won't tell you how long our tree has been up. I just love Christmas Keep them coming Karen xx

karen said...

Thanks, Polly! Hmmm. did you have your tree up in November?? And when do you take it down? Here the tradition is it can't come down before Jan 6, the Befana day! Ours usually is still up a bit after that.