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Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Countdown to Christmas 2016, Venice Style - Day 6

Mini Felt Stockings Advent Calendar from Garnet Hill.com $78.00 Embroidered with white numbers:

Ciao tutti!

One of my friends here in Venice came up with a very unique Advent calendar this year. I can't help myself, I have to share it here.  Thanks, Paolo. 

24 days of beer advent calendar

Brilliant idea, isn't it? 

Now, back to what is in store behind door #6. 

Today, I'm taking you on a walk to Rialto Bridge to meet a friend, Marco Jovon. Marco and his family have operated a jewellery shop on the bridge since 1934, first opened by Marco's grandfather. 

Jovan cameo shop on Rialto bridge

Walk into Gioielleria Eredi Jovon and you are walking into a unique part of Venice's past and present.  The tradition started by Marco's grandfather, continued on by his father Bruno is now proudly carried on by Marco, his mother Gabriella and the rest of the family. 

Cameos by Jovan

But Jovon's isn't just any ordinary jewellery shop. Marco hand carves exquisite one-of-a-kind cameos. At the shop you will find many works of art of Marco's own design, or you can request a custom design just for you.  

Marco and Giorgio

Marco and Giorgio, always ready to greet you with a smile.

Jovan cameo

example of cameo caving

tools for carving cameos

The ancient tools for cameo engraving are still in use today.

shell used for cameos

Amazing, cameos all start from a shell similar to this one. 

Blue cameo Jovan
photo www.eredijovon.com
One of Marco's latest creations, a blue cameo with woman at the Rialto bridge.

Inside the shop  a small cameo museum displays an unusual collection of family pieces. Jovon also sells other types of jewellery, including corals and Murano glass. 

I'm honored to be able to share another wonderfully talented Venetian artisan with you as part of my Countdown to Christmas, Venice style.  Hopefully, as you are walking over the famous Rialto bridge you will take a minute to stop in to meet Marco and his family, and perhaps take home a special cameo too. 

 You can find Gioielleria Eredi Jovon, San Marco 5325, on the Rialto Bridge.
For more information check out their website http://www.eredijovon.com/en/ or like their page on Facebook. Marco has written an ebook about cameos which is available for download on the website. 

To see my Countdown to Christmas 2014 - Day 6 post,  Just click here.  It's one of my favorite posts from that year - lucious cioccolata calda con panna (hot chocolate with creme)! Makes me want some right now. 

Today's advent calendar thanks to digsdigs.com.

Have a favorite post so far in this series?  Which Advent calendar did you like best? Suggestions?  I'd love to see your comments, so please leave a note for me in the comments section here. 

Ciao, Ciao!


Susan Varrone said...

All six days have been my favorite. I love the unique advent calendars and you have inspired me to attempt a bit of creativity for next year. Thank you for taking me behind the scenes to see the wonderful craftsmanship.

Anne Vance said...

Oh Karen, those little knitted socks are just beautiful! that's the Advent calendar I'm voting for - so far! But will reserve a final vote till 24 December. Thanks for adding to the buildup to Christmas for me! I'm really enjoying the Advent blogs, just as I always enjoy your blog posts.

Rebekah Lyn said...

What breathtaking artistry!

Polly Harding said...

Something fun and Aussie about the beer! Loving it. But need to see more for a final decision. Keep them coming Karen. Xx

Rae said...

Awesome...Marco is a genius and masterful artisan.. his work, and his brother's, is extraordinary. I had the pleasure of meeting him last year.
I'm loving your posts for the Countdown!!!!