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Thursday, December 4, 2014

Countdown to Christmas (Natale) - Italian Style! December 4

                 Countdown to Christmas - Advent Calendar
                                   photo courtesy www.hgtv.com

Behind the door of my advent calendar for  Day 4 (quattro) we find none other than Babbo Natale!

As you probably can guess, Babbo Natale is the Italian name for Santa Claus.  

Babbo is a very commonly used term of endearment in many Italian homes for Dad, or Papa.  In this particular case, it's like saying "Father Christmas", but in a sweet way.

Normally, as you might expect, Babbo Natale would enter through the chimney. However, in the city of Venice, even though there are chimneys on houses, no chimneys are ever used, they haven't been used in hundreds of years. So, Babbo Natale needs another way to get in to deliver gifts on December 25.  Can you guess how he does it?  That's right, he climbs up the balcony and sneaks in a window or door. Even a blocked up chimney doesn't stop Babbo Natale!

All over Venice, we're beginning to see Babbo Natale making his appearance.

Buon Natale!


Anonymous said...

Hah! And we'll soon see lots of Babbi Natale bobbing along on the Grand Canal.

(I assume babbi is the plural of babbo, you can correct me if I'm wrong.)

karen said...

I'm going to have to ask about that one. I've only ever heard Babbo Natale. And yes, we are getting ready for Dec 20! Stand by for photos!