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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Countdown to Christmas- Italian Style! December 17

photo courtesy www.claphamterrace.info

Day 17 (diciasette) !!  We're just about a week away from Christmas. I can't believe this month has gone by so quickly.

The Advent Calendar I selected for today is probably my favorite. It's exactly like the ones I used to buy every year for my two little girls, with the little windows you open up each day revealing a small piece of chocolate.  I miss this tradition in our house!

The slice of life in Venice during Christmas time that I've decided to share today is Luna Park! If you've been to Venice over the holidays before, you probably are familiar with it. Luna Park is equivalent to a carnival, with rides, and booths for games and food. They are common throughout Italy, usually showing up in a city to coincide with a big festival. In Venice, Luna Park starts around the middle of December and runs through February 1.

The big trucks arrive on a ferry, and get off loaded along the fondamenta near the Public Garden (Giardini) in Castello. Luna Park stretches between Via Garibaldi and the Giardini vaporetto stop. This year, Luna Park is a bit larger than last year. I noticed several more rides and a few more games.

There is a bumper cars for little kids, and also a regular bumper cars booth. 

I think cotton candy (zucchero filato) is a universal standard for carnival food. There are also a few booths selling hot frittelle, nutella crepes, popcorn and lots of candies and nuts. 

The long skinny colored candies are licorice, in various flavors (strawberry, apple, coca cola etc.). Someone at our house (not me) cannot resist the candied pecans. 

Yes, even in Italy there are game booths.

Mike has vowed to win this huge gorilla for me this year!  

This bungee jumping thing is a big hit every year. I just love the Babbo Natale's way up on the top of it!

The only roller coaster is one for little kids. I love that the cars are made to look like a caterpillar. This is a very popular ride here at Luna Park.

It's a sure sign of Christmas in Venice when Luna Park opens up!

                                     Buon Natale!

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