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Friday, December 12, 2014

Countdown to Christmas - Italian Style! December 12

                                 photo courtesy www.thedishmadison.com

We've made it to Day 12 (dodici)!!!!  We're half way to Christmas already!

I must admit, I'm jumping the gun a tiny little bit with my choice for today. I intended to wait until closer to New Year's Eve with this one, seeing as it is a New Year's Eve Italian tradition- but...
as soon as I saw a vendor at the mercatino the other day with an enormous bin of red underwear for sale, I could not resist.

All over Italy, everyone wears red underwear (mutande) on New Year's Eve (notte di San Silvestro or vigilia di capodanno) for good luck.  There is no rule that it has to be new red underwear, but just in case you needed some, shops start advertising and selling red underwear early in December. Thus, the bin of red mutande!  Everyone, and I mean everyone, believes in the red underwear tradition. Babies, toddlers, moms, dads, even the 95 year olds will all be sporting red underwear.  You can't take any chances when good luck is involved, so you might just as well give it all you've got.

I had to rummage around in this bin for a while. I just could not help myself. Every size and shape underwear you can imagine was in that bin. Everything from itty-bitty thongs to big granny pants. And people were buying.

It wasn't just this industrious vendor over at the local mercatino getting ready for New Year's Eve, either. I passed several high end shops in the San Marco district displaying beautiful red lingerie in their windows.

There doesn't seem to be any requirement that you be Italian to do the wearing of the red underwear for good luck. So, I'm sharing the tradition with all of you. Why not tuck a little bit of red into  the Christmas stockings of all your family members this year?  Who is with me on this? 

Buon Natale!


Anonymous said...

Hmm, I don't see any red underwear for men in your pictures. Where do they buy theirs?
I remember last year one shop on the Via Garibaldi had red long johns in the window and another had a lacy thong that the little old lady who dressed the window had displayed backwards. Yes, lots of red underwear.
And I already have mine thank you. There is no such thing as too much good luck.

Anonymous said...

Yes!! What a good excuse to buy some red undies, for giving and also for keeping!

Dennis Young said...

Okay, note to self, get out the red undies for New Years! I love this tradition!

karen said...

Dennis- yes, GET READY! I was very tempted to ask everyone reading to post photos of their red mutande, but lost my nerve on that one!

Buon Natale!

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, interesting that this post was on my birthday....trying to tell me something?

karen said...

Happy Birthday, MIchelle! Just was unplanned luck on which day the red mutande got posted!