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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Countdown to Christmas -Italian Style! December 22

photo courtesy www.betweenuandme.com

If you are following along with my daily Countdown to Christmas blog posts, by now you know that I went missing-in-action yesterday, December 22.  I have an excuse, flimsy as it may be. I'm going to offer up huge apologies, and do a late post.  Yesterday, our friends Mary and Linda hosted a wonderful holiday cocktail party. I fully intended to be home about 9pm, leaving me plenty of time to get my blog written and posted for the day. The party was so good, we couldn't bear to pull ourselves away. I looked at my watch as we unlocked the apartment door- it was 12:25 am! Needless to say, all of my best laid plans to write when I got home went right out the window.

Besides being late, myCountdown to Christmas Day 22 (ventidue) post is going to stray a wee bit. Instead of showcasing something related to Christmas in Venice or Italy, the subject for today is strictly Advent Calendars. The reason I'm doing this is because my friend Yvonne, a devoted reader of this blog, sent me a photo of an Advent Calendar yesterday. It is too funny not to share.

While we're on the topic of Advent Calendars- during my searching for all the Advent Calendars I liked to be used for this series of posts, I came across several that I really liked, but didn't have enough days left to use them all.  I'm including them here, hoping you enjoy taking a quick look at them, and that perhaps they will inspire some of you to create your own Advent Calendar next year. 

courtesy www.thepinjunkie.com

photo courtesy www.makeuseof.com

photo courtesy www.pinksuedeshoe.com

photo courtesy www.decoist.com

photo courtesy www.tendir.com

Count Down Calendar
photo courtesy www.tipjunkie.com

I love every one of these, as well as all the calendars I've posted during the month. So many fantastic creative ideas, I may just have to make more than one next year.

And now, I must get writing if I expect to get today's post done in time!

                                   Buon Natale!

1 comment:

Omaha Guy said...

This topic has alot of potential and I am glad you started it.

Because you now live in Venice, I can't wait for culturally authentic advent calendars to appear next year on this blog. It's like I have another whole "advent calendar" feeling for next year's advent calendar blog.

When you do, I would like you to profile the artisans who make them, the cultural context of matching nativity scenes, and advent candles.

My Italian mother kept a wooden advent calendar, with Bible verse references to the Christmas story, divided into 25 small sections. She was very strict, we could not eat the candy until we read/heard that day's portion of the story.

If you make friends in Italy, I think it would be wonderful if you include pictures of a mother and child in front of the advent calendar and a nativity scene. It would be so awesomely cute!