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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Countdown to Christmas- Italian Style! December 10

                                                                    photo courtesy theartfulcrafter.com

Welcome back to Day 10 (dieci) of my Countdown to Christmas, Italian Style.

Today I'm sharing the Christmas market at Campo San Polo with you. There are Christmas markets all over Italy, usually open from the beginning of December until Christmas eve. Some are more famous than others, such as the one in Piazza Navona in Rome and the one in Verona. They are very similar to the very famous German and Austrian Chriskindlmarts.  The little stalls sell food, drinks, and crafts by local artisans. They are a perfect way to spend a day wandering through the little Christmas village, and purchasing  unique Christmas presents.

Ours here in Campo San Polo is very small compared to the others, but none the less, it's a way in which we now Christmas is right around the corner in Venice. It's in the same campo as the skating rink  ( see Countdown to Christmas Day 9) so it's an ideal way to spend an hour or two while the kids are skating!

I can never resist a porchetta sandwich from this vendor!

Smoked mozzrella - scamorza

I hope you are enjoying a taste of Christmas in Venice.

For more information on Christmas markets in Italy click on this link http://www.christmasmarkets.com/Italy.html

If you've ever been to a Christmas market anywhere in Italy, I'd love for you to share your experience with m by posting a comment below.

Buon Natale!


Mizumatte said...

I really love your Christmas countdown and to learn more about every days thing of living in Venezia so thank you very much. greeting from a grey Stockholm Jaana

karen said...

Ciao, Jaana! Thanks so much for taking the time to comment. I've been having great fun not only tracking down some intesting advent calendars, but also sharing Christmas in Venice. We've had a couple of beautiful sunny days this week, but the grey and wet is coming our way by the weekend.

Buon natale!

Rob C said...

That smoked cheese looks moreish

Anonymous said...

You were so inspired to do this Advent countdown, Karen. Everyone is enjoying it so much!

karen said...

Grazie, Yvonne! I've been having great fun myself tracking down different Advent Calendars I loved. I found so many I could continue on into January!

These are all things that say Christmas to me here in Venice, having a ball sharing them.

AND- I desperately needed to discipline myself to write regularly again. This is definitely helping me stick to it, even if I'm writing at midnight each night, I'm getting them written and posted. Must stick to my goals!

Buon Natale, cara. You are already sorely missed here.